Friday, April 15, 2011

Earth Day Plans

I did one of these for Arbor Day, and I believe that in this family Earth Day is as or more important of a holiday. I love Mother Nature and the Earth so naturally Earth Day is one of my favorite holidays. My son and husband share a similar appreciation for the holiday and every year we try to do something (or a few things lol) special. This year we will be busy bees, and not because of the our wedding the next day. We have plans to recycle, explore the outdoors, and dig in the Earth! :)

The morning will start off with me getting my mani and pedi for the wedding, while Alan goes to daycare for an hour or so. Afterwards, we will have breakfast, do some art projects about Earth Day, and watch Sesame Street's Love the Earth DVD.

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Alan and I have been discussing the Earth lately and how we can help it out by planting and recycling. He's excited to celebrate "Earf Birfday" with us on Friday. :) So as soon as Lon gets home from work, we are going out on our Earth Day adventure!

*Weather Permitting- and it better!* We are going to Riverfront Park to pay dear Frogsley's grave a visit. Then we have plans to meet one of Alan's friends and his mom to go for a hike around the park, feed the ducks and geese, go for a Nature Scavenger Hunt, and have an Earthworm Race! :) The last two are fun games to play with your little ones that teaches them about nature and life.

The Nature Scavenger Hunt is pretty self explanatory. You develop a list of 10-25 natural items found in the outdoors. We're doing ten items because we have a nineteen month old and a two and a half year old playing lol. Then you release the kids into the wild to find the items, chasing them around to help them out! Our list will look like this:

Pine Cone
Blade of grass

The Earthworm Race is also quite fun. We give each child a shovel (And take one yourself lol) and find a nice patch of dirt to let them dig. Then you tell them to help you dig and find earthworms, and the "team" who finds the most in ten minutes wins! :) You as the parent, only really need to help the kid find the worms not touch them, so I encourage all moms (even squeamish ones lol) to get out and get dirty! :D

At noon, I have to leave my boys at home to eat lunch and I get to go look at the bouquets for the wedding at Gainan's. We are doing yellow calla lilies with bear grass for our bouquets. So excited to see how they look! :D

Then we're going to Zoo Montana for the Earth Day celebration there. The admission is only $3.25 (Children's price) and a recyclable can or used cell phone! :) We have plenty of both of those at our house lol! We just heard about this, and are excited to participate! At this event, there will be a Lion's Club barbeque, Earth Day activities, a snowcone stand, and the release of the new grizzly bear cubs!! We will spend an hour or so there, and then Alan and I have to go to work til six. After work, I'm headed up to Jenelle's house to help her finish our wedding cakes and make decorations for the wedding reception.

Here is a photo of two of the three grizzly bear cubs to be released to the public at Zoo Montana this Friday. :) They're so cute!

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I think Alan will have a great time on Earth Day, and it will be nice for us to just spend the day with him outside the day before the wedding. I honestly can't wait to go and will try to get photos and post them of the day! :)

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