Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another month old, another month closer to that two year mark!!

And it blows my mind! :) I know that normally today is my day off, but it is also Alan's nineteen month birth anniversary. And I want to start chronicling Alan's monthly milestones. :) So I will blog today and take Thursday off. :) After all, Thursday is Lon's day off too. Perfect lol! Ah, I'm such a nerd! :P

Alan's stats at 19 months:
Weight: 29 pounds
Height: 33.5 inches

Clothes: Shirts: 24 months
Pants/Shorts: 18 months
Diapers: Size 5
Shoes: He only wears Robees now because I don't want to ruin his feet, and he wears size 18-24 months

Teeth: 12 and that's as of today! One molar just broke through fully today! Whoo! :)

At nineteen months old, Alan can:

-Feed himself with a spoon or fork. He's almost fully perfected this by now to, and can even eat spaghetti (cut up of course) with a fork. He also can dunk french fries and chicken nuggets in ketchup pretty well.

-Say "Mama, Daddy, Alan, Nana (Grandma Melanie), Nonny (Grandma Amber), Papa (Grandpa Steve), Gampa (Grandpa Kevin), Nanny (Aunt Natalie), Apo (Aunt April), Borbin (Korbin), Buhbuh (Buster), Kari, Pippi, Emma, Miri, Eat, Ball, Car, Dog, Milk, Up, No, Yeah, Nighnigh, Hi, Bye, Please, I Lub You, I Want Go, Potty, Read Me, Baby, Book, Pretty, Nice, Cup, Kitty, Puppy, Mine, Nose, Eye, Color, Pen, Draw, Drive, Bike, Dance, Food, Sippy, Drink, Phone, Truck, Potty, Poo, Teeth, Play, Run, Milk, Blocks, Red, Yellow, Square, Much, Slobber and Please" That's 59 words total! And he understands even more (oftentimes mimicking what we say lol).

-Brush his own teeth, somewhat lol. We recently switched over to a regular bristled toddler brush because he was causing my finger too much pain, so we've been trying to get him to brush his own teeth. He hates it when mom or dad does it, but we have to brush his teeth, so we started letting him try it himself. He does pretty good too, I only have to brush a little after he's done. :)

-Paint with a paint brush, color with crayons, draw with pencils, play with playdough and cut with scissors. He loves going to Mama's art class with his father, and has made at least ten beautiful pieces of artwork since. :) He will be continuing with art class this month and the next few also.

-Help dress and undress himself. He still struggles with the neck on his shirt, but otherwise can help with everything else. He's better at undressing than dressing though, and enjoys getting nakie randomly! Its become quite the entertainment for him lol. He must be his father's son... Weirdo. :P

-Notice sometimes when he pees in his diaper. This has been helping us catch him in the beginning of him peeing and keeping *most* of our diapers dry all day! Yay!

-Wash his hands. We have to turn the sink on, hold him up to it and give him soap, but other than that he is independant!

-Tell me where his mouth, head, nose, eyes, hair, ears, hands, fingers, belly button and toes are.

-Climb just about everything now. Our chairs, our fridge handle (??? lol), our baby gates, you name it and I'm sure he'd try to climb it lol. He's my little monkey. I think I need to put him in Rock, Tumble and Roll finally.

-Run really good now. He used to trip up and wipe out all the time lol, but now he's getting good at running on different terrain. He's also trying to learn how to jump and sneak, but he only seems to get the knee bending part down lol.

-Tell when something is wrong and make an attempt to better it. If I'm stressed or upset about something, he'll come over and talk to me real sweetly, while playing with my hair and touching my leg. He's a little charmer and knows how to make girls swoon. :)

-Recognize me, Lon, both sets of our parents and all of our siblings in pictures. He will often point at photos on the walls and say the person's name, then blow a kiss at it. <3

-Throw underhand, overhand and even kick a ball. Its like his favorite thing to do too. :) He's gonna be my little sportster when he grows up.

-Help pick up food or toys on the floor. I say food because Alan is a famous high chair thrower, but we never say no or are mean to him about it, we just make him pick it all up. He can also understand when something needs to go in a certain place if we tell him (For example: put it in my hand please, or put it in that basket please).

-Imitate his mama real good, all the time. Its embarassing lol! :) He will use anything as a phone, and mimic me talking on my cell phone. Or he'll play at the kitchen center at Child Watch and open the oven door, saying, "Hot!" like I sometimes do. He has even packed a baby around while carrying a basket and another toy, just like his mama juggles things with him. Gotta love my little mimick lol.

-Help me stack blocks or play with Legos. He loves his blocks and building things, and he will stack blocks high up, before knocking them down with a car or his body. He also likes to play with those early Lego blocks called Duplos and can put them together and take them apart.

-Move just about anything, if you give him the chance. Last month, we moved out all of our chairs and other living room furnature because Alan loves to push things around. He can move a big sofa chair, one end of a couch, a coffee table and even a rocking chair! Can you say Hulk baby? Ahh!

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