Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Question Friday!! April 8, 2011

This weekend is going to be awesome! I am so absolutely pleased to announce that I get the WHOLE WEEKEND OFF of work, for the first time in six weeks. Just found out last night too, whoo no birthday parties scheduled this weekend(This will be the only time I will ever say this lol)! :D Yeah I finally get my five day week, those six day weeks were killing me. I have no plans for this weekend, and I intend to make none. I will simply enjoy my weekend with my boys and if I meet up with someone, then it happens. Yeah let the weekend of RELAXATION begin! Oooh wait, I still work in Child Watch and have a birthday party to do before it begins... Darn! :P

Oh well, let Five Question Friday begin!!

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
I don't like doing things like this, I dislike the idea of wanting to change myself. I may not be perfect, but I am happy with who I am. <3

But I don't wanna be the party pooper lol, so I'll go with wanting to change my anxiety. I have/had Postpartum Anxiety Disorder currently and have had Generalized Anxiety Disorder most of my life (I was undiagnosed until my senior year, but I look back and see many signs of the disorder). I would love to change my anxiety and be able to just stress as much as the next person. Even now with me having overcome a lot of my mental "crutches" per say, I still feel my anxiety looming in the background of my mind. Mental disorders are hard things to overcome, but it doesn't mean you can't fight your hardest every day to. :)

Write about a time when you got lost.
An old friend of mine went with me and a group of other friends to a hippie festival in Soo Pass, Minnesota over my 19th birthday. After the festival was over, we camped a night outside of Minneapolis and the next day was an extra day in the state to go explore. My friend and I drove to Minneapolis and went to the Mall of America. We had a wonderful time, but that's not the story I'm sharing with you. I'm here to tell about that night we were leaving the Mall of America...

Here's a pic of the festival ticket. 10KLF 08 whoo! :D

(This photo thanks to

So my friend was a little crazy and still pumped from the festival, and she wanted to get her tongue pierced. I had beaten her by a few days and had gotten my septum pierced the night before we left for the festival. :P Anyways, all day we had looked and asked around the Mall of America for a piercer and had been given directions to a "nearby" tattoo salon. We left the MOA feeling confident that we'd be able to find this place, get her tongue pierced and head out of town by 7:00 pm. HA! :P Well needless to say, we got lost somewhere on "Middle of Nowhere" Avenue. Did you know that Minneapolis has alot of those streets??? Streets that just take you to the same turnoff, or the ones that take you around and around until you're so lost you don't know which way is west. We did not enjoy navigating Minneapolis, ooooh no! :) It took us two hours, three different stops for directions, both of us taking a turn behind the wheel and ZERO tongue piercings before we finally were headed west. I at one point, thought we were going to be lost forever in Minneapolis, states away from home... Ahahahaha, I was so young then. Hence the septum piercing, lol I have to find pics of that!

Camping or 5 star hotel?
Camping all the way. I'm a Montanan, a hippie, a naturalist and an outdoor enthisiast all rolled into one. Why would I ever want a 5 star hotel when I can have my "hotel" be anywhere? I love camping by lakes, in forests, on mountains, just about anywhere outdoors.

I particularly cannot wait until July 4, when my family makes the yearly trek across the state to the ever beautiful Canyon Ferry Lake. The majority of my mom's family lives up there, in Helena and Townsend, and we go up there to celebrate and have a unofficial family reunion. I love spending my days logging, swimming, hiking, dirt biking, ATVing, running, and just taking in all of the wonderful outdoors! Oooh I can't wait! :D I mean, tell me that sunrise over Canyon Ferry isn't just gorgeous???

(This photo thanks to

Another place that I just looooooooooove to camp at is Yellowstone National Park. <3 Aw I have been to this park many times as a child and now as an adult. I can never fully get enough of the sheer beauty it has and often will long for its waterfalls and forests. I cannot wait until Alan is a little older, so we can take him into back country and take him really camping! I mean, look at THIS sunset!!

(This photo thanks to

Have you donated blood?
No I have not. I am terribly afraid of needles and horribly queasy about blood, so I have yet to actually donate blood lol. I have tried, 3 separate times, and failed. :( But I am proud to say that I have WORKED two blood drives and was a tremendous help to the staff! *Beams proudly*

Do you have a budget or do you 'fly by' most months?
We always have a budget. We have like twenty-bajillion :P bills and other things to pay off every paycheck, every month, every year... But hey that's life. :) We just budget out all of our money so that we are never shorthanded. Because that's not fun with a child...


  1. I'm a new follower from the 5QF :)
    Staying Home and Staying Sane
    I also have GAD and unfortunately so does my 9 yr old daughter. I have learned to control mine but it tends to act up when I'm in the middle of my PMDD. ugh. We've helped my daughter's with therapy and working with horses. She has been amazing the past 6 months.

  2. Wow that's amazing! Horses are wonderfully therapeutic animals. <3 Yeah I have GAD and my husband has Bipolar Mania. We do a lot of therapy, some medication (my husband), meditation and relaxation exercises to help keep us "normal". But I hear you about the added stress of PMDD, I don't have it myself but I know that my GAD acts up with my PMS. I also have family members who have PMDD, and that stinks. :( Be strong! Thanks for following! I will be following you as well. :)

    Have a great weekend!