Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alan is continuing to wow us! Well of course!

Yesterday was uneventful for us except for Alan's art class. Lon doesn't work Tuesdays so he and Alan met me after my first class and we prepared for this next class together. I love that my husband is an artist because I can just give him directions and not have to worry about him. Which is good because I had about 25 shamrocks of various sizes to cut out in fifteen minutes lol. Oops! :P

Class went great! Everyone was there, and all the toddlers participated in all of the projects with their parents/grandparents. Alan loved being the only boy in class, besides his daddy. He got to sit in between two of the girls and he thoroughly enjoyed helping them get their crayons, glue sticks, pompoms, glitters, and colored noodles for their crafts. I think everyone enjoyed making the 3D shamrocks the best because of all the gluing. Or maybe the Saint Patrick's Day drawings because they were allowed to draw with pencils. Or even the shamrock rainbows because of the coloring and texture of the plate (who knew toddlers would love the ridges of a paper plater lol???). Its safe to say we all enjoyed class. :) Can't wait for next weeks class!

Potty training has also been going well for us. Yesterday, even with all the hubub of work and daycare and class, Alan made five trips to the potty and two of them were successful! And today, just before his nap (which is where he is currently of course), he made seven trips to the potty and one has been successful! We are so proud of our little man! Every time we set him down to go potty, we discuss what he is doing and calmly talk with him to keep him sitting. As of today, he has not tried to get up and escape naked. Yet. But we only have maybe two more potty trips before we go to daycare, so who knows? I hope we can keep him distracted enough, or that he continues to be as understanding about what we are doing. But I am confident of Alan and I know he will continue to wow us with his development. :)

Speaking of his development, Alan and his father were practicing throwing, sorry pitching the ball in our living room just before noon and lunchtime. Hmmm. Now I know that Lon has good intentions (he wants to get Alan in sports at four or five to help with the possible ADHD he may have) about teaching him to pitch, in case maybe Alan wants to try baseball or tee ball in the future, but really??? In the house? In the LIVING ROOM, where all of our pictures and my elephant collection currently dwell?? C'mon Lon! :) His excuse was that it was rainy outside, which I guess it had rained... previously this morning. :P But I couldn't gripe too much, because I saw how much Alan was enjoying it and how good he was getting at pitching. He was able to throw the ball all the way to by the window! What a proud mama I am! :D

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