Monday, March 21, 2011

Make that Multitasking Mondays lol!

Because I've got another blog hop that I just got invited to! Whoo I'm so popular... Just kidding, pahahahahahaha! :D

Okay so tonight after I got off of work and had put Alan to bed, I decided to watch The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasuss on Starz because their wasn't much else on tv. And frankly, I really wanted to know what the eff was going on with this movie lol, because I had seen the previews and had been intrigued not only by the fact that it was an unreleased Heath Ledger movie, but by the sheer oddness of the commercial. And let me tell you, having just had finished it, I still have absolutely NO IDEA what happened lol. WTH???? :) I mean, I paid attention and got the idea of the Imaginarium and the Devil's contract and all that good stuff, but I still am super confused as to what really happened, when it was actually Heath Ledger and not Colin Ferrel or maybe even Johnny Depp? So confused!!! Anyone else feel this way after watching this movie? I really need some mental support with this, I have to say I'm quite stumped and I'm normally really open and understanding of these types of movies.

But without further ado, here's Meet Me on Monday!!!

Meet Me on Monday!!!

What jewelry do you wear 24/7?
My wedding ring and my peace sign necklace lol. That's about it, I'm a pretty simple gal. And if you really want to get technical, I don't even wear either of those jewelry 24/7, just from when I wake up til when I go to bed.

Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?
Let me clarify before I say this, I am Italian (well at least raised Italian by my step-grandfather lol) AND I'm a member of the well known Townsend, MT Welch family. That deadly combination makes me a messy, fast get-it-in-your-mouth-asap sort of eater. :P So I am a definite twirler and slurper of spaghetti, lmao! Who needs table manners if you eat on your lap lol??? Like a true redneck would say... :D

How many siblings do you have?
My husband and I both have six siblings. Weird huh? I love it! We also have three brothers between the two of us that are engaged and we can't wait to add more to the mix!  :D There's Darren + his finance Rachael and son Connor, Me, Natalie, Mary, April, and Kalvin on my side. And Cameron, Tyler + his finance Sam, Lon, Aaron + his finance Nikki, Chase and Ariel on Lon's side. I love that we both come from big families and that Alan has A TON of loving aunts and uncles to spoil him. And they do, all the time lol!

Were you named after anyone? 
Jillian... My parents joke that they named me after Jill the housewife from Home Improvement lol, but the fact is, they didn't. :) I was originally going to be named Gillian because my mother loved the name and they way it looked (as I do too really). But my father hated the spelling and he said that kids in elementary would make fun of me and call me Giligan lol. So thus the "J" spelling.

June... My middle name was actually named after someone, after my dear Great Grandma June on my mother's side of the family. I was able to meet her after my birth, and we got wonderful generation photos, which I have plans of having a collage of my generation photo and Alan's generation photos being made for a wall piece in our living room. I don't remember when she passed, but it was sometime very early in my life, hence the lack of a memory. I love my middle name so, and plan on passing it down to my first born daughter if I get the chance.

Coke or Pepsi?
Easy, Pepsi lol, what I am currently drinking. :) But I will give Coke this, I will only ever use Coke in my mix drinks lol. Pepsi just tastes too sweet while Coke has a similar biting taste like the alcohol. Not that I drink anymore really lol, I just remember my preferences. And long for them every once and a while, when life gets hella stressful... :)

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