Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eighteen months ago... Alan's Birth Story

What a wonderful day today is! Today is the eighteen month anniversary with one of my beloved boys and the thirty month anniversary with my other beloved boy. <3 Two and a half years ago, my husband and I started our crazy relationship together. And a year and a half ago, my perfectly amazing son Alan Mikael was born. :D Its been a wonderful two and a half life-changing years, and I wouldn't change them for anything in the world! My son and my husband are the two most important people in the world and I love them both so very dearly. What a joyous day!! :D

In honor of my son's birth anniversary, I will share my birth story with you, fellow blog readers.
Be wary though, this is a birth story. It will be somewhat graphic, its a birth story lol.

I started having contractions Thursday, September 3, 2009 around 10 pm. I was 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Right from the beginning, my contractions were decently painful and were only about fifteen minutes apart. Before midnight, my contractions were down to every ten minutes. I was pretty uncomfortable too- unable to sleep, no appetite, sensitive to light and sound, and not wanting to move at all. Lon called my mom and let her know my condition as she was my ride to the hospital. Then I spent the next five hours trying to sleep anywhere possible- the couch, our bed, the guest bed. No luck. Just before 6 am and with my contraction now five minutes apart, I finally decided it was time to go to the hospital.

That first time I went in, I was only a centimeter dilated and 50% effaced. The nurses had me walk the halls for an hour, which proved to be more difficult and way more painful than I had thought it would be. After that hour, there was no change so they discharged me to my mother's house. They at least wanted me to be closer than I would be at my old B.F.E. address (we lived in the Olympic Villages then, an apartment complex on the outskirts of town lol) but that still didn't make me feel confident I'd deliver him anytime soon.

I don't remember much about the next four hours, just lots of pain, pacing and worrying. Lon was working and couldn't be with me, so I did my best to breathe through the pain by myself or with my mother. I felt like I was about to deliver my son and my contractions were three to four minutes apart, but I wanted to wait a little longer to be sure, in fear that I'd just be sent back home. A little before noon, we went back in and the check up was sadly similar to the first one- only 2.5 centimeters and only 75% effaced, we walked for an hour with zero change resulting, and we were sent home.

The next three hours, I was a complete zombie. I didn't move, unless it was pacing to take my mind of the pain, and I still hadn't eaten or slept. My mom was absolutely frustrated with my lack of progress and with the hospital, so she took me back in and demanded I be given a room. They checked me again and I was only 3 centimeters (they admit you only after 4 centimeters) but at least 100% effaced. I wasn't able to walk the halls at all this time, as I was too weak from laboring for eighteen straight hours, so they gave me some morphine to "take the edge off" and had me sit with an IV drip for an hour, before feeding me a sandwich and sending me back home.

The morphine definitely took the edge off of me, and so much more lol. I was drunk with happiness about the upcoming birth of my son (instead of deathly nervous like I was before lol) and the minute we got home, I passed out for eight hours. The only unfortunate thing about the morphine was that it slowed my contractions waay down to every twenty to twenty-five minutes. But this allowed me to get a nice break before crunch time aka my due date. :D

The morning of September 5th came and with the medicine finally leaving my body, my contractions became around more closer around twenty minutes apart. I was able to eat a piece of toast and almost thought about not calling in sick to my 11 o'clock work shift at Chuck E Cheese, but then my contractions started increasing rapidly down to five minutes again. I did not want to get sent home a fourth time, so we called and they agreed to admit us no matter what. We went in around noon, and I was checked right away- 4.5 centimeters! They took us to my room and I gave them my birth plan- no epidural, intermittent monitoring, and no stress (I needed to stay in my meditative state to get through, which was already proving to be impossible). Then it was on and I was ready to have this baby!

I labored for another five or so hours, before the doctor came in and ruptured my membranes. This sped up my labor so that by 9 pm I was 9 centimeters dilated. And boy was I in pain! I remember having thrown out my meditative calm thoughts and had replaced them with screaming sessions every contraction. This was working for me (I was expressing a lot of negative, painful energy through my screams) but this was starting to scare some other patients in surrounding rooms, so the doctor came in and calmly suggested some Stadol or Fetanyl for the pain. After much pressuring from my family lol, I agreed.

After 2 shots of Fetanyl and 2 of Stadol plus another hour of agonizing labor, I was finally feeling like I was ready to push. The doctor measured me and I was only 9.5 centimeters dilated. But something was really starting to tell me that it was time. There was A LOT of downward pressure lol. I told the doctor that I couldn't wait, and she started preparing to deliver. As she was setting up, my son's heart beat starting dropping, quite rapidly. The doctor told me to start pushing and every time I pushed, his little heart beat would drop, and it wasn't coming up fast enough. I crowned him in only two pushes and my doctor started attempting to attach a scalp monitor. Meanwhile, his heart rate dropped still. I started pushing with the next contractions, and continued even though my doctor told me to wait. I delivered my son at 10:23 pm on September 5, 2009 in only five pushes. His heart rate was dropping for one simple reason- his cord was wrapped around his neck. Other than that, he was full term and completely healthy! <3

So I was gonna write more and tell y'all all the things Alan does know that he's eighteen months, but I don't wanna keep you too much longer. We'll save that for tomorrow's post. :) I'd like to once again say how blessed I am to have Lon and Alan in my life. <3 You boys are my everything, I love you forever. <3 <3

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