Thursday, March 24, 2011

Positive thinking...

Today was considerably better than yesterday. I woke up before both of my boys this morning, and had a wonderful meditation and impromtu pilates session in the living room. By the time Alan and Lon had awoke, I was refreshed and had breakfast fully ready for them. It was a great way to start the day as a family, and Lon appreciated it so much he offered to clean up and do the dishes. My husband doing the dishes, not while at work lol? Wha??? Unheard of! :P It was a nice thing to do though lol.

Lon had to go to his therapy today instead of tomorrow, so Alan had to run wedding errands with me. I was slightly anxious about taking him around by myself (Alan can be quite the hassle in public, but will be an angel at home. Weird lol) but we had a little talk before we left about listening to mommy and what his reward would be-I was thinking of letting him play outside a bit today, because most of the snow had melted and the weather was decent. He acted like he understood me lol. And he actually didn't have too bad of a time going with me either! :) We went and paid the remainder off the flower bouquets, picked up my newly dyed shoes (they are my something blue), and bought the last of our wedding reception decorations. Alan held my hand and walked with me everywhere, and behaved himself while I spoke with the employees of each place. He even said "Hi" and "Bye" to each person, each time we went to a new place! I was so proud of his well behavior, I rewarded him with a DumDum sucker, a few extra outside playtime minutes, and lots of kisses. He was a very happy boy. :D

Then we did several potty training trips and Alan peed two out of the three times he went! Whoo hoo! :) He has not pooped in there yet but we are still hopeful! Lon and I aren't confident enough yet in Alan to use the potty at Child Watch, so we will be continuing with step one next week. Things are going great though and I am so proud of him! After all, he is doing so wonderful for only being eighteen months old! What a smart, young boy we have! <3

Work went well, it was slow and Alan played on the big kids side with his two friends. My teamleader and her son were back from vacation, so Alan also played (and had trouble sharing his cars lol) with him. I hung out with Alan for a little while, but then took my turn with calming down a fussy little girl on the baby side. I finally had gotten her to calm down and fall asleep, when her aunt showed up to pick her up. Typical. :) But because it was so slow and everyone else pretty much wanted to stay, I was able to get off at 6:30. My mother had picked up Alan at 6, so I ran to the store to get a phone card. And I am proud to say that after shopping at 2 different Albertsons I have a working cell phone! Hooray!

I went over to my parent's house to eat dinner with Alan and the family, and to do some much needed laundry. The whole family was home for dinner, even Aunt Merith. :) We had spaghetti with corn and garlic bread. It was just delicious! Alan ate a whole bowl of it, and had a bowl of applesauce for dessert. I got three loads of laundry done, and had some good laughs with the family. Wow we are so wild! Lol I feel like I say that every time we get together but its true! We are just such a wild, crazy and hyper family! :D And I love it so much!

Hope everyone else had a good Thursday as well. Unfortunately, we will not be having a Five Question Friday tomorrow as the creator of 5QF's daughter is in the hospital with appendcitis. She is doing well after her surgery and if you'd like to, you can read more about it here -------->

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