Saturday, March 26, 2011

This one definitely qualifies for rambling...

Worked from 8 to 4 today... Don't wanna talk about it. Ugggh. Let's just say, its been a LOOOONG day and I'm having a beer while I write this post. It was one of those days lol. :) When I got off of work, I had to meet Lon to pick up Alan at the Village Inn. Because of a last minute birthday party for me to do at my work, Alan had to go with his daddy to work. Alan was hanging out with Daddy, Aunt Nikki, Grandma Amber and Great Grandpa Floyd when I arrived. Aunt Nikki had given him a homemade peanut butter chocolate chip cookie and we joked that she was spoiling him. :P Daddy and Alan even made me a pepperoni and cheese pizza (to share with Alan lol). So Alan and I headed home for some good ol' Mama and Son time. :D

We ate our pizza together and watched some Seasame Street DVDs. Alan kept saying, "Pizza?" and holding his slice up everytime Elmo would come on screen. Lol he normally shares his food with his friends at daycare, especially his bestie Korbin. :) So I think he was trying to offer Elmo some pizza! Lmao, my silly little boy! After lunch/dinner/my first meal of the day lol, I turned on some good tunes and we played cars and trucks. I swear, Alan loves cars so much. He thinks they are so cool, will almost always pick a car over any other toy, loves riding in them, and always points when a car drives past us when we're outside. This is why his big boy bedroom will be themed cars. Lucky for me, the new Cars movie comes out June 24, 2011 so there will be lots of cool Cars themed bedroom stuff out. Whoo! :) Haha yeah because I like the thrill of shopping for bedroom attire... The real truth? I actually can't wait to see the new Cars movie myself lol. :P

Tell me that doesn't totally look cool?!?!

After playing a bit, I put Alan in his highchair to color so that I could get some cleaning done. My goal was to get as much finished as possible, so that we wouldn't have to clean to much tomorrow, on our Family Sunday and my only day off. I surprisingly was able to get two loads of dishes hand washed, clean out the microwave, clean the bathroom and wipe down the whole kitchen. But that's not even the coolest part!! Wanna know the coolest part? Of course you do, you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't lol. :P The coolest part was that Alan said "Yellow" and "Red" when I asked him what color he had!!!! :D Now I know that it was probably just luck or something and he really didn't understand, but let me explain so you can share in my joy too: Everytime I hand Alan a crayon (like EVERYTIME, not just this coloring session) I tell him what color I've given him. And then I ask him if he wants to color with that color. Sometimes I get no, sometimes I get yes. But today, on two seperate occassions, I decided to ask him what color I had. And he got them both right! Go Alan!  He can also draw in circles, over and over in the same spot. :) Another thing I've discovered after coloring with Alan is that he tends to like warm colors more than cold colors. I think specifically his favorite color is orange. He will be given an orange crayon and he will not give it up until that whole paper is orange lol!

We've been continuing to potty train Alan every half an hour, but I feel like he's plateaued. He only pees in the potty every two or three times, and has only pooped once. Like tonight with me he took seven trips to the potty and only peed twice. Hmmm. Any advice? Of course, I'm probably only being silly because really the only thing I could do is just start putting him in underwear lol, so we'll probably just be doing that soon. I'm just grateful he still shows interest in using the potty, and acts like he understands when he learns things about the potty. So I have faith in him. It just might be time to try some underwear at home.

A show that I am currently obsessed with is Full Metal Brotherhood.

I bring this up because the newest episode is on in a half hour and I'm stoked to watch it! I've always liked the original- Full Metal Alchemist- but this version of the story is much, much darker. I remember throughout middle school and high school watching this show with such a light heart. It was fun, childish. Which is totally ironic if you think about it, considering the back story. But that's why this newer show is so much better, but so much more devastating at the same time. I mean, my heart eternally aches for the Elric brothers and what they had to go through. Alphonse with no body, only a soul in a suit of armor and Edward with his amputee automail. Their father out of their life, and the tradgedy that happened to their mother. That's only scratching the surface of the pain and suffering these boys go through. I think it affects me so much because I am a mother now. Because I look at those boys, and so much could have been done for them, and Winry too, to make their lives sooooo much better. They are children for goodness sakes!! Like if it was minus all the loss of body parts and stuff... Wait. What?

This beer is really starting to kick in, I'm finding myself having to go back and rewrite things, correcting myself. Lmao even that sentence doesn't make sense. :D And wow, I keep writing about the most odd things. What a weirdo I am! This is my cue to turn in, I'm no drunk blogger. (I think its already happened and I already am...) :P Though can you say, light weight lol??? Hope everyone's Saturday was good.Good night!

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