Monday, March 7, 2011

This is what happens when an artist becomes a mother... **WITH UPDATE**

I am going to make this post a short one because my last two were so stinking long lol.
Tomorrow is my son's first ever art class with me!! :D That's right, Alan will be attending my Y Arts- Be Creative class this month, as he is eighteen months! I am so elated and excited for this, I have been imagining this day forever. That's an artist for ya though lol. He will be taking my Parent/Toddler class with his father. What a great bonding experience this will be for my boys! I promised to do my best to just play the part of "teacher" lol, but I will admit this will be hard for me. :) I am just so excited! Our lesson for tomorrow is African art- we are making African finger paint masks and drawing safari animals. I am anxious about Alan finger painting lol, but I know Daddy will help him draw those animals real good. :) I read somewhere that with lots of practice eighteen month old children can draw circles and shapes. I hope if we show him enough, he'll pick that up! That would be totally cool! :D I plan on making a scrapbook of all of his artwork from his classes, or maybe framing the bigger pieces and hanging them in his bedroom. Can you tell that I've put a lot of thought into this??? :P

Its just crazy to think that a year ago, Lon and I were sketching my sleeping baby boy and discussing what it'd be like when Alan started making his own art. And now its the eve of his first day of art class! Oh my goodness!! I am so giddy, it might as well be Christmas lol. :D Of course I will post an update tomorrow after class on how everything went. And if I can figure it out, I may even get up a couple of pictures from class up on here. Cos you know I'm gonna be taking pictures lol- I'm the classic always taking pictures mom!!


Alan and Lon had a pretty good time at art class, despite Alan running headlong into a table and bumping his poor little head. My poor boy, he now has a nice bruise on his right eyebrow. But it didn't slow him down too much. There were three other girls and their parents in his class (he was the only boy!) and Alan specifically connected with a cute blonde girl lol. He even jumped down from his chair to help her pick up some confetti pieces and popsicle sticks she had dropped! Of the three projects we did (we added a third simple cutting project to the class only because we had extra time), he only participated in one of them. But he worked on that one project almost the whole class! Lon also had a good time, and met another dad! :D And I enjoyed teaching all those bright young toddlers! I love my Parent/ Child classes!!

Here's a little picture from my mobile phone of Alan painting his mask. :D

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