Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday is the day of rest? For who??? Not me!

This morning, Alan woke up early (well not too early, except that we lost that hour with DST so that made it early) with me and we had a nice breakfast of Kix, strawberry granola bar, a waffle, scrambled eggs, and milk to drink.  We listened to music and read books, colored and played with cars. Lon worked til midnight last night so he needed to sleep in. Plus I enjoyed my special Mama and Son morning together. :) Lon loved waking up to fresh breakfast made by me (Yes we saved him some lol!).

After we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood. It looked absolutely gorgeous outside and the sunshine was calling us. So we put Alan in a light jacket and pants, and after some debate, I decided that the stroller would be best instead of putting Alan in boots so he could walk with us. So we put him in his baby stroller... And he hated it, somewhat. He fussed about being buckled in it, until we rolled him into the sunshine and outdoors! He thoroughly enjoyed walking down to Good Earth, our local organic store and strolling past the Moss Mansion. We then walked up and down some of the historical neighborhoods around our house. Alan pointed at birds and houses, and talked about people, dogs and passing cars. He had such a good time we think we might turn this into a regular Family Sunday activity, now that the weather is nice.

Then Lon made us his famous cheesy chicken nuggets (TOO DIE FOR!!!!) for lunch, along with french fries and carrot slices. Alan is currently mastering dunking things into sauces, so we put a tiny droplet of ketchup on his tray. And let me tell you, this boy has got it down! He will even dunk it in the ketchup and eat the food, instead of just licking off the ketchup as most children do (I did!). I am one proud mama! After lunch, we had quiet time and read some books before putting him down for his nap. Then Lon and I got some much needed cleaning done in the living room, our bedroom and kitchen. Only the bathroom, Alan's bedroom and some leftover dishes to do! :)

Once Alan was awake, we went to Grandma Amber and Grandpa Steve's house. Uncle Chase and Aunt Ariel were there, as well as Uncle Tyler, Aunt Sam, Uncle Aaron, and Aunt Nikki! Alan loved all the attention he got from everyone, and he loved having a piece of Grandma Amber's yellow cake with chocolate frosting. He got most of the chocolate on his cheeks and mouth but he had a ton of fun eating it. Then he ran around with Buster and jumped on him lol! All in all we had a good time there, and seeing almost the whole family was wonderful!

For dinner we had Hamburger Helper Double Cheeseburger Macaroni made with Elk burger. For those of you who don't know, my father is an avid hunter and he is the main provider of meat for my family. I love that he helps us and I love knowing where all our family's meat came from. But dinner was just divine! Even Alan liked it, he ate two of his toddler suction bowls worth of it! He also had applesauce and with those two foods he was covered head to toe by the time he was finished lol! So we gave him a bath.

Now Alan is weird with baths, he only likes them at certain times of the day. He will scream through the whole bath if you give him one in the daytime, but if its dark outside and its after dinner, he will gladly sit and play in a bath for however long he pleases. Tonight he played in the tub for twenty minutes! For bath toys he has Pacayo squirters and rubber ducks, and they are his favorite to play with. He doesn't even mind getting his hair rinsed. Big boy! :) After we got him out of the tub and got his hair dry, I had the challenge of combing his hair and brushing his teeth. Does anyone else's baby have dreads on the back of his head at the end of every day? Lol because my son does. Every day, it never fails... There's always a couple little perfect baby dreads that I will have to carefully comb out. And about brushing his teeth lol? Uggggggh... I have a toothbrush that just slips on your finger and man does it suck now! He bites my finger so hard everytime! I think its time to invest in a different time of toothbrush for him lol. :)

And now that he's in bed, I can sit here and reflect on my day before meditating. Today's Family Sunday went very well. Everyone, including Alan, had a great day. And it was wonderful to see almost all of the Andersen family! I hope everyone's Sunday and weekend were just as good as ours. :D

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