Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Its finally happening!!!!

***I first off apologize about being MIA these past few months. Being the hippie that I am, I believe that wireless internet should be free everywhere and thus, I do not pay for any of my connections, ahem. So for legal reasons lmao, we'll just say that I've been internet-less (except for my mobile phone, but that's impossible to post any blogs from there) since mid October. However, I have not been without my computer, so I have an entire back log of unpublished blogs that I will publish asap. And hopefully now I will be back on for some time now.***

I never thought I would become this type of girl, but yes I have become a "girly girl" as my husband calls it lol. But it has happened, this last two weeks because...


I'm just so ecstatic about it. We moved our wedding from mid August to April 23 for several reasons:

First, its closer to our common law marriage anniversary (March 17, 2010) and we wanted to do it around that time period.

Second, its 7 months away from our actual anniversary of dating (September 5, 2008) and we thought it be nice to have a special thing for our relationship every half year or so.

Third, its kinda a number thing lmao. Let me explain... Lon's birthdate is 10/FOUR and mine is 7/TWENTY-THREE and so our wedding date is FOUR/TWENTY-THREE get it lol?

Our wedding will be held at the Billings courthouse and will be a small, private, non-traditional wedding. We have four bridesmaids and groomsmen, two flower girls and three ring-bearers (my son, my brother and brother-in-law lol, should be interesting! :) Our colors are shades of purples and golds. Alan will be with us during the ceremony and our vows will involve him.

Now I know I said I wanted to have my wedding in Yellowstone National Park, but when we actually got to talking about it, we decided that we didn't want to spend alot of money on our wedding, especially now that we have Alan. So I figured a small courthouse wedding would be perfect, as it was what my mother and father and my grandmother and grandfather did for their weddings. And I wanted to go with a simpler slight Easter theme, so yellow calla lilies were chosen for our flowers instead of the many other flowers. But all in all, I believe my wedding will be perfect for our relationship. <3

We are all very excited. :) I am however, veeeeerrrrry busy now and I'm trying to not complain too much because its kinda of my fault lol. Oops! We waited to tell everyone our news (and thus begin planning and ordering and preparing) until Valentine's Day. Everything became jam packed into preparing in under ten weeks lol. We currently have seven weeks left, and I have maybe 65% done. In other words, AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! :O

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