Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Whirlwind of a Day!

Today was an busy but good day for my family and I. :) Unfortunately, I had to get up early this morning for work lol. But it looked like a nice day outside so I decided to walk to work, rather than wake up my husband and son to take me three blocks lol (Yes, my car is still in the shop and probably will be until Tuesday or Wednesday. Great! Thankfully for me, its springtime!) because that would have just been mean! My husband has been dealing with a lot of tooth and eye pain lately and has thus been losing a ton of sleep. And like I said previously, its only like three blocks. The walk was pleasant too. It was a little chilly, surprisingly, but the birds were singing and that sun was just a shining. I love Big Sky mornings. :)

Today was Healthy Kids Day at the YMCA. This was a day that invites all children to come and participate in fun, healthy activities. They could take part in arts and crafts, hula hooping, carnival games, face painting, Despicable Me showing IN THE POOL, planting flowers or pumpkins, Simon Says, Family Zumba, Celebrity Basketball, and Rock, Tumble, Roll. I also had my Kindergarten art class. Healthy Kids Day was really fun for me, I was able to help out with the arts and crafts, carnival games, planting, and Rock, Tumble, Roll. And my art class was really successful also. We were learning about France today. I read them a fun little story about France and taught them a little about Vincent Van Gogh. Then after we finished our 3D shamrocks, we duplicated Van Gogh's "Starry Night" with watercolors and crayon, and made popsicle stick Effiel Towers. I only had two of my girls in class today, but both of them were very interested in the subject. They asked questions and paid attention and when their pictures were finished, they looked just beatiful!

After I got off work, I walked back home. Alan was in the middle of his nap and Lon was doing some much needed cleaning around the house. Love him! :) When I got home, Lon shared his news of how the potty training went (My cell phone's screen broke today so I was not able to text him at all) and everything went great! Alan went to the potty eight times and only really peed a little once. But that one time he went, it was only because Alan recognized he was peeing and pointed at his diaper, saying "Uh oh!" Lon ran him to the potty and when he put him on there, sure enough he peed a little! Big boy! :D I was a proud mama!

Alan woke up from his nap around 3:30 and we had my father pick us up to take us to Pioneer Park. Aunt April, Uncle Kalvin and my cousin Morgan came with us. We had the best time ever!! :) It was sunny and beautiful outside, and there were tons of people at the park (Alan's favorite thing- people lol). We even saw three kids from daycare! We let Alan walk wherever he wanted, as long as he was holding someone's hand. He immeadiately went to the playground and right to a swing lol. He's his mother's son. :D We swung him for probably fifteen minutes and he just loved it the whole time. Two twin baby boys were put in the swings next to Alan, and he got even more excited. Even though the boys couldn't have been older than five months, he pointed at them and talked to them like they were his age or older lmao! Their names were Harven and Henry- too stinking cute! Their mom was about my age and was really nice, we talked and pushed our kids on the swing for a good time! But then, Alan got restless and so we took him around the playground. He went down the slides all by himself (well mostly, I had a hand on him but he didn't want any help whatsoever) and walked all over the playground.

Uncle Kalvin wanted to go see the creek that runs through the park, so we packed up and went for a long walk around the park. About to the bridge over the creek, two ladies walking four poodles passed us. They started jumping the creek, trying to get their dogs to jump with them. The dogs started copying their owners right as we were crossing the bridge. Alan got so excited and watched the whole thing, laughing and yelling. It might as well have been the circus lol. He was so happy to watch those poodles jump back and forth. We continued off the bridge and even had to stop to continue watching them. :) A couple times the dogs looped around and ran close by us, Alan freaked out! He loves dogs so much and just couldn't handle how cool the whole thing was. Love my boy! :D We continued along the path and Alan started running a head of us. Aunt April and I caught up to him and while we waited for the other two, Aunt April tried to get Alan to jump. He did maybe once, but his little feet barely left the ground. Don't tell her that though, she insists that he jumped way high up! Lmao! My sister is such a hoot!

We had a wonderful time at the park, and I took some great photos on my cell phone. But I can't seem to figure out how to get them up here. Darn! Does anyone have any suggestions for me? That would be much appreciated. :D As for now, go to my FB page and look at the ones I have up.

Tonight since Lon had to work, Alan and I went out to dinner with my family. We went to our family's favorite Mexican restaurant that was downtown, in hopes that we wouldn't have to see all the high school prom goers (Its that time of year again, ladies and gents. Ugh thank goodness I don't work in a restaurant anymore!) and we actually got lucky! The place was empty and we were locals, so we got a nice, big, private table in the back. Now I have a big family- I have two brothers and three sisters, six of us kids in total- and we are LOUD! We didn't have my oldest brother and his family with us or my baby sister, but we had my cousin Morgan and Alan to compensate lol. :P All I have to say is, THANK GOODNESS there weren't any prom goers who bothered these people tonight, we probably bothered them enough on our own lmao! Alan got his own kids dish (chicken quesidilla with beans and rice) and he ate almost the whole thing, all by himself! He used a spoon and fed himself the beans (which he soon discovered that he loathes, they made him gag), rice and even the quesidilla lol! I was very proud of him, but because he fed himself he made a humongous mess everywhere! I felt so bad, I helped clean it up a little before we left and then chipped in a little extra so they could have a nice tip. Hey I used to be a waitress too! And it sucks sometimes! :)

Now I am at home blogging (no really lol??), just having finished meditating to sum up the whole day and I feel great! Today was a good day and I know tomorrow will only be better. Its Family Sunday of course! :) I predict we will spend it... Snuggling in bed, watching lots of Elmo and Seasame Street, playing outside, taking walks, visiting Lon's family, and maybe even trying out the new Sonic in the heights???? :D Only if its not crazy busy, like it has been since... it opened last week lol.

Hope everyone also had a great day, and I wish everyone's Sunday to be the best it can be! Goodnight! <3

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