Sunday, March 6, 2011

My dearest Alan, you are such a wonder...

Today was Family Sunday for my family. Ooh how I love Family Sundays. <3 We spent it reading books, coloring, shopping for wedding decorations, and having dinner with Lon's family. Family Sunday was such a good day, and I loved that we were able to see Uncle Tyrler and Aunt Sam before they went back to Bozeman! I am so blessed to be able to spend time with my son, he is such an amazingly intelligent young boy. :) He learns at least fifty new things a day and always remembers new faces and names. It hard to believe he's only a year and a half!

At eighteen months, Alan...

-Weighs at least 28 pounds and is around 35 inches tall (I will not know actual size until I take him to his well baby check up, which I haven't scheduled yet lol. Can you say procrastinator??).

-Is starting to learn to climb stairs on two feet, instead of both his hands and his feet. He has been walking now for nine months, and can run really well (unless he's really excited, then he loses all balance lol).

-Can now say, "Mama, Daddy, Nana (Grandma Melanie), Nonny (Grandma Amber), Papa (Grandpa Steve), Gampa (Grandpa Kevin), Nanny (Aunt Natalie), Apo (Aunt April), Borbin (Korbin), Buhbuh (Buster), Eat, Ball, Car, Dog, Milk, Up, No, Yeah, Nighnigh, Hi, Bye, Please, I Lub You, I Want Go, Potty, Read Me, Baby, Book, Pretty, Nice, and Cup." That's 35 words he knows! And I know that he understands even more words than that! Wow!

-Knows how to do all the hand actions to Patty Cake and Itzy Bitzy Spider. But he will only show you if he's not too shy lol.

-Can color with crayons and markers, all by himself! He also likes to paint, and play with play dough. He will be starting his first art class with me as his teacher this Tuesday! So excited! :D

-Can "dance" lol- he knows how to spin around, bounce up and down, kick his legs, wiggle his body, and clap his hands.

-Knows and can point out all his favorite characters in books and on the tv, like Elmo, Big Bird, Murray, Abby Cadabby, Grover, Handy Manny, Sid the Science Kid, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto, Muno, Broby, Phlex, DJ Lance, Oso, Diego, Dora, and Scooby-Doo.

-Is beginning to listen to me when I tell him simple commands, for example: wait, no touch please, this way, over here, follow me, hold on, let's go, come here please, and stay there. He will walk next to me and hold my hand, or when we're inside somewhere walk with me and not get into trouble. This I am very happy for, as he is waay past the carrying stage simply because of his size. He is as big as a two year old, so I am grateful he can walk with me like one.

-Enjoys looking at pictures and "reading by himself" lol, we keep several board books in his play area for constant access.

-Has a very active imagination. While playing Alan will drive cars, stack several blocks up and the knock them down, play with people in houses, take apart duplo blocks and put them back together, pretend to feed you, throw and kick balls, and pick up his toys afterwards.

-Knows where his mouth, head, nose, eyes, hair, ears and toes are.

-Can open and close doors. This is a problem when mom and dad want a minute or two of privacy lol. We put him in his play area and close our door and after only a few minutes of fussing, he opens our door and comes in lol. Darn! :)

-Has perfected his temper tantrum... Already??? Lol he practices it at least fifty times a day lol, screaming and throwing his head into the nearest hard thing lol, because he knows it makes me squirm. I've gotta learn to control my emotions lol, he's learning to read his mom and use it to his advantage.

-Is interested in potty training. We have been watching DVDs and reading books about it since Christmas, but now Alan is noticing when he poops or pees in his diaper and usually doesn't like it. We plan to start potty training this week (but that's a whole other post lol).

-Can feed himself applesauce, noodles and simple soups with a spoon or fork. He makes a mess doing it, but he gets better every time he tries. :)

-Is able to climb onto just about any medium height chair and turn around to sit in it. He loves that he can do this now, it makes him feel like such a big boy lol. We've gotten him two chairs and a toddler table and its his new favorite thing!

-Understands cause and effect... somewhat. :) If we give him an ultimatum (For example: if we sit and read this book, you can come up on the bed), he will find the loop hole in the ultimatum (For example: bringing the book up on the bed, but standing and running instead of sitting lol).

We have such a smart little man. I can't wait to watch him continue to grow into the beautiful adult he will become. <3

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