Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top Two Tuesdays! March 29, 2011

Can't wait for Alan's art class today at eleven! Its his last class of the month, and we are making paper bag puppets and doing a simple spring collage. Then at the end of class, we will have our art show for all Y members. Alan's been working on his colors and he'll impress all the girls at class lol, I just know it. :P And today is Lon's day off of work and my self proclaimed day off of blogging (even though I took a day off Sunday too lol). So please enjoy my Top 2 Tuesday and check out some archived blog posts today. I'm always adding new ones!

Top Two Celebrity Hairstyles

#1 Pixie Lott... Now I have honestly no idea who this celebrity is lol, but I always love the classic hippie braid headband look. :) I love how thick her braid is too! Love this hairstyle so much, and I haven't worn my hair like this for a while. Might wear it this way tomorrow. :)

(This photo thanks to http://www.sugarscape.com)

#2 Ashley Olson... Once again, its a braided do. But what can I say??? I'm a hippie lol, I'm a total sucker for braided hairdos. This one is just so elegant and medevil looking, I just love it. So pretty!

(This photo thanks to http://www.hairstyler.com)

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! I'll talk to you all again on Wednesday! Peace! xoxo

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