Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alan's First Gymnastics Showcase

I want to quickly take the time to wish my good friend Kelsie a good and quick delivery! We love you hon, cannot wait to meet Baby K! :)

I wanted to write a more in depth post about Alan's showcase, complete with the video I made of it and a few pictures. I would first like to say how proud of Alan we are, he is getting so big and so good at doing new things. We love you so much little guy. He was very super excited to show us his newly learned moves, he could hardly contain himself! Here are the explanations of each move he did, a few with photos. The video is at the end. Enjoy everyone!

The Bridge
To do the Bridge Move, you lay on your back with your knees up in the air and you hands by your ears, making your elbows stick up in the air as well. Then you lift your belly off the ground, stretching your legs and arms out as you curve your body up. Hold it for as long as you can. Alan was so excited, he did the snail move first lol and then did not put his hands by his ears. Silly guy!
The Snail
To do the Snail Move, you lay on your back with you legs down on the ground. Then you try to touch your feet over your head, while keeping you arms to your side and your body straight. This time, Alan did the bridge move first and then the snail. I think he may have just mixed them up a little in all of his excitement.
The Handspring Jump, also known as the Two Feet Jump
To do the Handspring Jump, you run slowly towards the handspring jumper. Jump off with two feet and land on the padding with two feet. Stick your landing with a tada! Alan loved this one! He ran real fast at the handspring jumper, and landed on his knees lol. He gave us a very nice tada afterwards though! Good job big guy!
The Backward Roll
To do the Backward Roll, you lay down on an incline with your head going down and your knees up. Place your hands by your ears again, and push off with your feet. Have someone guide your feet over your head and land them down. Keep your chin tucked the whole time! Alan also enjoye this one. He did very well and finished it off with a tada and a cartwheel!
The Cartwheel, also known as the Donkey Kick for the little ones
To do the Cartwheel, you step and place hand on the floor. Go onto both hands and take feet off the ground. Land one foot after the other. Alan was very enthusiastuc to show us this one. He could hardly wait his turn lol! He did a very good job on this move, as well as all the other ones.


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  1. Jillian, my son named ho ho. I am May Si Yeung, a friend from your facebook.