Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dance Fever! Among Other Things

Currently, I am sitting here in the living room while everyone else sleeps. Pandora Radio plays quietly in the background and I am finishing the last of my Dove chocolates from Valentine's Day. Its so late, but I cannot seem to get to sleep. I figured if I am already awake, why not pump one more time for the night and finish this post? I am so hyped today after talking to my director about my dance schedule and plans for this spring! I just thought I would share a little bit with you, my fantastic readers!

We have a very busy next few months for dance. In March, we will be learning Michael Jackson's Thriller and preforming it, plus learning some break dancing. Then in April, we will be learning the showcase dance and preparing our costumes. The showcase is that last Saturday in April, a whole month earlier than I originally thought! I am super excited to start the showcase choreography! I have both the songs picked out already!

For my 4-6 year olds: They will be performing to the Jackson Five's "ABC Song." I want my girls in primary colors and black, with their hair curled. They will be doing lots of moves with their coats, it will be adorable! I think that I will probably be dancing with them on stage, since they are so young (they are the youngest group performing) but it will still be great! I love this idea!

For my 6-8 year olds: They will be performing to Daft Punk's "Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger." They will pretending to be robots for this song, I told them about it Monday and they are already so into it! I would like them to look like robots and we will be doing this by making costumes out of cardboard boxes and pipe cleaners, other cool stuff like that! I would like their hair crazy and up. This one will be really cool, I have ideas for them making machines and having them be turned on and off at the beginning and the end!

We will also be performing with the Tap/Jazz class after us, bringing our showcase dance number to four dances. That will be a great showcase, I cannot wait for it now! Time to start planning and all that fun stuff!! Yay!

I am very excited to share with you what Aunt Natalie is having! I was going to wait until Friday, but even I cannot wait that long lol! I thought she was going to have a boy and let me tell you...

She is having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited for them! Another boy in the family wow! They already have his name picked out too, but that's for another post! For now, congratulations Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake. We love you so much!

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