Friday, February 1, 2013


That way you can all wear RED to suppor heart awareness today!

Everyone here at Free Range Family is decked out in red for Wear Red Day. I have several blogging friends who have heart children, in heaven as well as here on Earth. Being a heart child, or person, means your life is very different then most. There are a lot of precautions they have to take and a lot of lifestyles choices that may be slightly different then ours. These people deal with a lot on a daily basis, and are some of the strongest people I have ever met. My outlook on life has greatly changed, thanks to these people. Do not take anything for grated. Everything (including life) is a gift. Last year, I did a week's worth of posts for my friend's and their amazing heart children. I will post the links here. However, this year we are so busy with everything that I only have time for one true heart post. I do urge you readers to check out these other posts from last year, check out these wonderful heart children and wear red to support them today!

Lon had to work but we got very lucky that his uniform has red already in it! Score! As for the kids and I, we found as much red as we could to go into our outfits. I told Alan what this was about and I think he thinks the more red we wear, the more it will help lol. Because he found every article of red clothing he had to put on! Silly sweet boy. How I love him so! I will try to get a photo of us all decked out in red posted asap! We all look so cute together as a family!

And here all the links from last year's CHD Awareness Week. There are nine in total, I hope you take the time to read them all!

Are you wearing RED today?

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