Monday, February 18, 2013


It took me so long to think of a good title for this post. I struggled with a good one quite a bit, which is odd because usually titles come so easily to me. But this post is different. It is very important to me, and for some reason I struggle to think of a title because of it. But in the end, the most appropriate title is the person who this post is for, I believe.

My sister Natalie and her boyfriend Jake came into town this past weekend. If you remember, my sister is eighteen weeks pregnant with her first child. We are very excited for her and Uncle Jake, it fantastic being able to see them too! Natalie is just starting to show a little bit, her baby bump is soooooooooo adorable. We all had a great time together going out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and swimming at the Reef, taking some fun anniversary photos for Lon, and even taco soup night at my parent's house! I love when my sister comes to town to visit! There is always yummy food, happy children, laughing adults and a feeling of togetherness. I feel that my intermediate family is truly whole. And it is. Unfortuantely we were all too busy loving and living life that we all forgot to take any photos lol. Don't you love when that happens? Le sigh. Our memories are still there though, and when it comes down to it, that is the real important part, right????? I think so. 

Some random thoughts from this weekend's events: Sisters are special.

They are always there for you, from the very beginning. They are so much like you, yet so different in their own unique ways. They know your deepest, darkest secrets and are your first best friends. They are the first people you call to get an opionion, or if you need help. I love both of my sisters to death, as well as my three sister-in-laws. We all have very special and unique bonds to each other, ones that I wouldn't give away for even the whole world. This new bond forming with Natalie however, is something completely brand new and fascinating to me.

In case you have not realized, Natalie got pregnant almost exactly a year after I did. Everything she is experiencing in her pregnancy, weekly milestone wise, is like a year behind what I experienced. A perfect example: Natalie and Jake have their 20 week ultrasound this Wednesday, February 27, 2013 while Lon and I had ours Tuesday, February 28, 2012. Isn't that just CRAZY??????? :D Its weird and cool all at the same time. I mean, it feels like I am reliving it all over again. From the morning sickness to the multiple hospital and doctor visits (my sister and I tend to be hospital prone I guess lol, especially when pregnant. Lon and Jake have their hands full with us!) to the crazy cravings to the baby name discussions. Everything, EVERYTHING is so close to the same time period as I was with Anna.

See what I mean? Even our belly photos are only a darn day off! Btw, do you like the difference in photo quality lmao? You can definitely tell which one was taken by a regular cell phone (MINE) and which one was taken by an Iphone (Natalie's). I do enjoy it very much so though, and I know that the four of us (Natalie, Anna, my neice/nephew and I) will be very close because of it. Hopefully Anna and Natalie's baby can be as close as Natalie and I were as children. That would be the coolest!

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