Thursday, February 7, 2013

CHD Week! Its here again! Day One

If you remember this week last year, I wrote a post almost everyday on it. However with a newborn and a potty training toddler, this year I am not so available, so to speak lol. But I vow to spread the word about Congenital Heart Defects, so I will link up with each of my favorite CHD bloggers.

Day One:

Krista @One Woman's Dream wrote about The New Normal for her and her family today. After her daughter Annabelle was born with CHD, her normal changed drastically. Check out her post today to see how its different from your "normal."

Little Johnson Heartbeat shared the CHD facts with us today, as well as a very cute religious CHD printout! So adorable! Check it out, she says this will be a fun week for her this year! Cannot wait to see what she has planned!

Neysa @ Mason's Journey has not posted anything on her blog for CHD week today, but her Facebook page sure is full of red! She posted this picture of beautiful Mason this morning, along with this amazing statement: "Changing my profile picture for CHD Awareness week. Instead of hiding Mason's surgery pictures, I'm proud of them. I hope it will save lives. CHD's affect one in one hundred births and kill more children than other childhood diseases combined." What a wonderful thing Neysa for you to share with us! You are such a strong mother.

That is it for the CHD activity on my blogs today! Check back tomorrow to see some more! Happy CHD Week everyone! Be sure to share the infomation of CHD with at least ONE person. It could seriously save a life.

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