Friday, February 22, 2013

I Knew There Was a Reason We Never Moved!!

This NBC post has been popping up all over my Facebook and Blogger newsfeed all week. Since my family lives in the third best place on the list, I figured that I might as well give into the trend and write a post about it myself. You know, since I have like, personal experience on it and whatnot. If you want to see the full article and countdown, check out the link above. But for now, here is the top 10 Best and Worst Places to Live, courtesy of the Today Show and Best Life Magazine.

Top 10 Best Places to Raise a Family in the US

1 Honolulu, Hawaii
2 Virginia Beach, Virginia
3 Billings, Montana
4 Columbus, Georgia
5 San Diego, California
6 Des Moines, Iowa
7 Minneapolis, Minnesota
8 Madison, Wisconsin
9 Colorado Springs, Colorado
10 Santa Rosa, California

Top 10 Worst Places to Raise a Family in the US

10 Springfield, Missouri
9 Dayton, Ohio
8 Corpus Christi, Texas
7 Flint, Michigan
6 Columbia, South Carolina
5 Waco, Texas
4 Philadelphia, Pennslyvania
3 Fayetteville, North Carolina
2 Beaumont, Texas
1 Clarksville, Tennessee

I knew there was a reason Lon and I never moved out of town when we got pregnant lol! Honestly, we were thinking of moving to Bozeman or Missoula and starting a new life there when I was pregnant with Alan, but we decided against it. I did not like the idea of living in a different town than most of Alan's family. So we stayed. By the time Anna was born, we were already saving up to buy a house in town and haven't had a single thought of looking out of town. Now we are looking at house loans and planning on buying in the near future, we will be permanently living in Billings.

I feel like this post was a little bit of a sign for us lol. Like, stay here Andersen family, this town will treat you well. Lol, how silly is that? But its true.

I like Billings for my family's hometown for many reasons, let me see if I can actually name them all lol. I like the schools here. My mother teaches here so I know most of the teachers and the ones that I do not know, she usually does. I know which schools Alan and Anna will most likely be going to, and I like them all. We have found a good pediatric clinic and dentistry for our children, as well as a hospital that I even do not mind staying in. Which is saying something! Almost all our of family lives here and the ones that don't live decently close by. There are more than forty parks for the kids to play at, all with different things to do. We love the parks here! Oh and the Rims, the Rims!!!!!! They are amazing and elegant and beautiful, one of my favorite parts of this town, one huge park really! Love the Rims, just love the Rims. There are other fun family places like Chuck E Cheese, Geyser Park, The Reef, Sunset Bowling, Zoo Montana, Shiloh 14 Movie Theatres, Oasis Waterpark, the Imaginarium and the Metra Park, where the state fair and events like Seasame Street Live and the circus are held. The neighborhoods are nice and safe, most neighbors have families themselves and there are usually lots of kids for our children to play with no matter which block we live on. The air quality is very good here, we live in the beautiful Big Sky of course! It is very clear lol! The Village Inn is also here. It is a major part of our live as well as Lon's family's lives. They run the whole business as a family. And it is one of the most popular pizza places in town! We love the VI so much!

Do you live in one of the towns on either list? Why do you like where you live?

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