Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekend Highlights

Our weekend was a relaxing one spent with our loved ones. I only had to work Friday night, Lon and I both had the whole weekend off technically. He had to go in and do some prep work Sunday night but that was really it. Before we had actually hit the weekend, I had wanted to do a whole bunch of stuff with the family. By the time it was Friday, I only wanted to stay home and maybe do some cleaning lol. I was beat from this week! We were able to do some fun things though, which was nice for my stir crazy son. He was tired of staying home all week doing nothing, he wanted to go out and party!

Needless to say, we celebrated three "parties" this weekend lol. And did not do an ounce of cleaning...

But we are happy and that's what matters, right? I wure do think so lol!

Saturday, I could not find my keys. Like anywhere. Being the overly dramatic one when I am stressed, I was convinced that they had just straight up DISAPPEARED. I had looked everywhere and was convinced that I had put them in one specific spot. And they were not there. Lon kept his cool, telling me that they HAD to be somewhere in the house and that we just had to look. He searched the whole house, probably better than I did in retrospect, and found them in the couch within twenty minutes. I felt so stupid. But you know how it is when its something that you lost, you cannot seem to look anywhere but that one spot, or think about them being anywhere but where you last had them. We have all done that before. And at least they were not in the freezer like they were that one time (almost ruined Lon's Cadillac's car clicker that way oops!). It was very stressful though.

I did take Alan to the Family Life Expo at the Metra Saturday too. It was one of the "parties" we went to and a little Mommy and Son date, that was nice. Lon stayed home with Anna and they both took a nice, long nap! Yay! There was not too much to do (then again, we did go the last hour of it so that could have been why too) but what they did have there, Alan enjoyed. We walked around all the booths, some of them for kids while most for adults and their families. But lots of booths had candy, which was awesome. Alan also got to sit in two police cars! One of the older ones and the newest one too! Wow that was pretty cool! Mama even likes the new ones lol!

Have you seen these sexy cars driving around town? Oh yeah! :D
Then we saw my cousin KO Katie at the Billings Roller Derby booth. She was all decked out in her cool derby gear, Alan thought that was pretty cool. She was not too happy that I did not bring Anna to see her too lol. I promised her that she would definitely come the next time. Alan also got to see Minnie, Daisy Duck and a Bear guy. There was a dinosaur fossil booth too, where we got to watch the paleontologist clean up a fossil bone. Alan liked the big T-rex skull we saw too. It was bigger than him and I think he thought it was cool because of that. After that we got some ice cream for a treat. Alan only ate half of his and I ended up eating both of ours lol! Should have just shared! Oh well lol.

Later that night, Uncle Chase and his girlfriend Felicia came over for dinner and drinks. The kids were already in bed and it was very nice to have that adult interaction time. I very much so like Miss Felicia, she is a good girl for Uncle Chase. I regard Uncle Chase like my baby brother and am pretty protective of him. Afterall, he is just like my Natalie. I am very happy that he has found someone who is honest, polite and respectful. Cannot say the same about the last girlfriend he had lol. We butted heads a bit. :P

Sunday was Super Bowl Day, so we visited both parents' houses for their Super Bowl parties. Both parties were very wild and rowdy, not sure if Anna was ready for that. She would get scared everytime someone would scream at the tv, she would jump sky high! I felt so bad but a few times, she thought it was funny and started screaming with them. It was quite funny! I admit that I did not once watch the Super Bowl, nor do I even know who even won. But I did know that my Dad's team was playing. And he was VERY, VERY, VERY happy about that lol. And I do know that I just loved all the family time we were able to spend with both of our families.

Something that I value very much.

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