Monday, February 25, 2013

Too Many Subjects to Put in One Title

I did have a totally different title at first but I just kept adding and adding to the post as the weekend progressed. Now after rereading the whole thing, the title made no sense at all lol. It was a really cool title too. So lame that I had to switch it out for this cop out. Such is a writer's life. :)

Anyways we almost broke our family's clean record this weekend. Technically Alan did lol. And by that I mean our family's clean record of having no broken bones. Yes, you heard me correctly, no one in our family has ever broken a bone. Not Lon, not I, not Alan, no one. It is quite a feat that Lon and I have lived through our whole childhood without breaking any bones, we were both wild children. This is super nerdy but I am kinda proud of it lol. I know, how ridiculous is that????? But its true.

Well this weekend, we almost broke our clean record.

Friday night I had to run to the store to grab a few neccesities for the house and it was almost bedtime, so I put Anna down for the night and left Lon in charge of Alan's bedtime routine. I went to the store alone (it was simply heaven lol) and I returned home an hour or so later to a slightly injured Alan and a completely heartbroken Daddy. Acordimg to Lon, they were wrestling just before bed (instead of reading, I know, how bad lol!) and somehow Alan got his arm under Lon and there was a loud POP!! and Lon stopped immeadiately. According to Alan, Daddy won lol. Silly guy! :/ Alan's pinky finger was swollen and Alan did not want anything or anyone touching it. Convinced it was broken, Lon iced it, splinted his finger, and gave him some Tylenol for the pain. He was so upset that he may have broken his finger. I can feel for him, I would feel the same way if it was me who had done it.

Thankfully, Alan was okay enough to go to bed for the night. We decided not to take him in to the Emergency Room and to take him in to the Children's Clinic the following morning. He slept well and the next morning, it was almost like he had never gotten hurt really. He would forget about it and run around, jumping and playing around wildly like he had never hurt his finger. I got him scheduled to see the on call doctor before I had work. I love my pediatrician's office because even if my children's doctor is not there, we can still do a walk in with another doctor. I can always get an appointment for my children, even if its last minute and on the weekends. Love the hospital my family belongs to!! :)

We got Alan all checked out (by the handsome new doctor I might add, SWOON, sorry Lon lol) and it was determined that his finger definitely was not broken, just dislocated and relocated shortly afterwards. That was probably all that caused the instant swelling, not a broken bone. Alan was not as convinced that it was not broken, so we wrapped it back up for him. The doctor said it could still be a little sore from the dislocation, so leaving it splinted to his other finger for a few more days would be alright. He would definitely be okay by Wednesday for gymnastics class though. Thank goodness! I swear that we have been into the doctor's office so much more than last year, our insurance may drop us lol! Just joking, but in all honesty its driving me a little crazy. I just want my kids healthy again lol! They hate being sick and are not themselves when they are. It stinks. However, Lon and I are both very happy that Alan did not end breaking his pinky finger. I was so worried about him for multiple reasons.

We have still kept our clean record! Yes lol!

The Preschool Screening went well, Alan listened and did everything to the best of his ability and did a fantastic job! The only thing the counselor had to tell me at the exit interview was that he really should get his vision checked by an eye doctor. Apparently, he failed his vision test three times. That is enough for me to take him in lol! Poor guy! The counselor assured me that it would probably just mean glasses. I was worried about him having similar eye issues to his father but she said it was most likely nothing that extreme. Good! We would take glasses any day!

This week is a very busy week for my family! Tomorrow, my friend Kelsie is having her baby boy and on Wednesday, Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake find out what they are having! We are very excited, I cannot wait to go visit Kelsie and Baby K in the hospital! Alan and Anna will have to wait to meet their new friend until they are both home from the hospital, because there is a no children policy at the ward right now due to the Influenza outbreak. Its pretty bad here. But we will be over there lots, helping her out those first few weeks. I cannot wait! And as for Aunt Natalie and Uncle Jake, I hope they have a boy but I will be happy just to know what they are having lol! I do not really care, when it comes down to it, I just want to KNOW!!!! I am beyond ready to start shopping for this kid lol and spoiling him like I do Alan and Anna. I already bought her six onesies in unisex colors when they were here last but I want to buy more lol! I just love baby shopping and really, both of my kids have enough clothes right now. I cannot wait to hear what she is having, I will go right out and get her something lol! You all just wait! :)

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