Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CHD Week: Day Five

I have been very busy preparing for Alan's Valentine's Day party at Off the Leaf on Thursday, but I wanted to get in another CHD link post! I hope you take the time to check out these wonderful people and get an insight into an someone else's life. New perspective is always good. :) Enjoy everyone!

Day Five:

Krista @ One Woman's Dream wrote about feeling empathy for her heart mama friends in her post today, titled the Percent. I especially appreciated this post, heart mamas are some of the strongest women you will ever meet.

Little Johnson Heartbeat shared some ways to take action for CHD awareness today, once again having an adorable little printable to go with it! I love all of these printables she has for us, too cute!

Jill @ The Real Life of a Red Head thought about "what should have been" with her son Joshua. This post had me tearing up for sure. I am guilty of doing this with children Rosalie's age, I definitely feel for her.

That is it for the CHD activity on my heart blogs today. Check back tomorrow and Thursday for the last two CHD posts!

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