Thursday, February 7, 2013

Anna Ariel: Seven Months Old

I know that I say it every single month, but this month I truly cannot believe it! Like I honestly forgot that it was already February and that she is actually seven months old. Up until yesterday, I was telling people that she was only six months old lol! When I should have been saying that she is almost seven months. Oh well, at least I realized before it was too late lol, thus the SUPER early post! Not sure if this one will have very many pictures, we still do not have a working camera lol.

At seven months old, Anna Ariel:

*weighs approximately 16 pounds and 10 ounces and is approximately 27 and 1/2 inches long 28 inches long.

*is finally almost too big for size 3-6M clothing! For onesies, she can still wear size 3-6M but for pants and sleepers, she has to be in at least 6-9M clothing! For her little head though, she is in like toddler hats lol! All the baby snow hats are way too small! Her Gerber baby head is just like her brother's. :)

*has light blueish hazel eyes just like her brother and very red hair now (it seems more red than auburn today) that goes down past her little shoulders in the back! We will most likely be cutting it sometime this month!

*can now sit up on her own! She loves doing it too, she tries to every time you hold her in your lap too lol! Its crazy!

*still does not crawl, but has figured out that moving around on her belly is JUST DARN FINE for now lol. She can move fast too! I can no longer put her on the floor while I am cleaning around the house, she is too much of a mover for that!

*eats all of her cereals, vegetables and fruits. She gets to start trying dairy foods now! We are very excited for this!

*has started to really use her voice. She will really play with her vocal cords when she is rolling around on the floor. I need to actually film it lol, its crazy! She still growls occasionally, but she has really been focusin on trying to talk. She will kind of say "Mom" and "Dad" and "More" and "Baba (Bottle)" but we have yet to confirm them as her first words. We are very proud of her though!

*has started using rolling for transportation, in addition to her sliding across the floor. The combination of the two makes her a moving machine! It is awesome!

*surprisingly has shown some improvement in her breastfeeding. Its almost like she read the post I wrote a week or so ago. She will no longer keep enough attention to let me nurse her in public, but nursing at home is just fine too. She has started only nursing for "night time" things, like before napping and before bedtime. And it has to just be her and I, alone in my bedroom. But it works, at least for another 2-3 months. I am happy.

*is so in love with people! She loves her family and lights up when she sees any of us. But she also likes to meet new people and will seek out adult's faces in public! She is such a little flirt! I seriously cannot go anywhere with her fast anymore lol. Everyone stops and talks to her, it takes so long! But I love that she already has such a social personality.

*enjoys reading books, playing with her Kai-Lan doll and her baby too, loves kisses and snuggles, will not sit down if there is music on and already picks out her own clothes. She is already such a character!

Happy seven month birth anniversary, Anna. We all love you so much. You are such a wonderful addition to our family, and you help make everyday special for all of us! We would be no where without you and your brother. Love you to the moon and back, Baby Girl.

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