Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blogging Therapy

I mentioned writing a post about this in an earlier post of WILW. I know that other bloggers can probably also relate to this, that they find their blogging theraputic. In fact, I know several mommy bloggers who have posted similar posts on their own blogs.

But for me, its not just blogging. I have always found writing in general to be very calming for me. Typing as well. I think that blogging is just a further step towards therapy, so to speak, because it is sharing all of my thoughts with everyone on the web. There they are, raw and uncensored, for the world to see. That's what is the best part I think. The fact that I can have people read my thoughts and feelings AND GIVE ME SUPPORT WHEN NEEDED. Yeah, that's it. That's the most important part.

My blog is theraputic to me in many ways.

What I'm Loving Wednesday: Forces me to find the positive in my week lol, even if its just the worst week ever. I find these posts very therapeutic.

Anna and Alan's Monthly/Yearly Posts: Where I reflect on each month/year's milestones and obstacles, I find these posts very therapeutic as well. I love remembering each precious moment and each stressful period. They help make us better as parents. :)

Currently posts: These posts are like the ones that ask me how I am feeling right at that moment. It puts me in the spot, right then and there, living in the moment. I like doing these posts and now that I think about it, I would like to another one soon too lol.

My blog is also a lot like my journal, in some ways. This is another way its therapeutic for me. I have always found it good for me to reflect on each day and my emotions of it. Is blogging therapeutic for you? What do you use for daily therapy?

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