Wednesday, May 11, 2011

100TH POST!! Martha Graham, haircuts, Art class and Big boy underwear!

So this post just kinda snuck up on me lol, but its my 100TH POST TODAY!!! Wow, it doesn't feel like I have been blogging for that long (though in reality if I had blogged November through February I would have already hit this point) but here I am!

Happy 100! I hope for 1000+ more posts lol!

Today is the wonderful Martha Graham's 117th birthday. Martha Graham is a brilliant dancer and choreographer who influenced a lot of modern dancers, such as myself. For those that don't know, I studied dance for 12 years at Tracy's School of Dance. Dance and movement in general is very important to me, and Martha Graham felt the same way. She developed a wonderful technique and many different moves that are now used all over the world today. She was so important that Google dedicated their name doodle to her today. I urge you to go online to view it, I can only get the photo of it on here, and the movement is what is the best. :) I love how she spells the word backwards too. Check it out!


On haircuts, because it looks as though both Alan and I need one. :D Alan's hair hasn't been cut in almost a year (we cut it last summer once). And mine is going on three years since its seen clippers lol. So Lon and I have been talking and we decided that we want to keep Alan's beautiful blonde locks long! :) And as for me, I have scheduled a hair cut appointment for later this morning (I will come back after and do my best to get a pic up!) and I am still debating how long I'd like to leave it. I *could* be the good person and donate 10 or 12 inches of my hair to Locks for Love, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to go back to that short of hair. So for now, here are some ideas that I will be telling the hairstylist to base my hair off of. Btw, the hairstylist is an old manager and an old friend, she's ONE of the only people I will trust to cut my hair lmao! I love my hair a lot, and tend to get picky when it comes to things related to it. :)

I have always liked Jennifer Aniston and her hair, but this newer hairstyle is cute! Maybe something like this?


I REALLY like something like this! I love the body she has! Dunno though, that might be the way its styled, not the cut lol (can you tell I know nothing about hairstyle? I'm a hippie lol). But I like the long bottom layers in the cut for sure!


Or something like this! I dunno who this is, but I like her hair! :D


Alan's art class yesterday went so great! We were missing one kid because of the rainy weather, but still had a fun time! We made Bear Habitats for the bear cubs released for the public at Zoo Montana on Earth Day, Puff Ball Butterflies and Catepillars, and a Woodland drawing. The bears turned out absolutely adorable! They were definitely my favorite project of the week, and Alan did so well with them! He helped Lon tear the paper for the bushes and tree tops and helped color the tree bark and grass. He was even helping glue! He's been developing so well with art, I'm so proud! I can't wait to see him continue to grow into a wonderful artist! :)

I forgot to mention this in an earlier post, but Alan got his big boy underwear this weekend! He was so proud to go to the store to pick them out! My big boy! :D This is the pack that he picked out-


which is lucky for us, because it has so many, one for everyday of the week! Yay! He wore a pair all morning at home yesterday, and we only had one accident! Whoo! We're taking a break from them this morning (but still doing the potty training, just in diapers) because of me leaving him with Lon for my haircut. But he's doing so well! We're so proud! :D


Lol I bet no one has had such a random 100th post, but its how I flow. :) Hope you all enjoyed the ride, I know I did! Have a great Wednesday, and I'll pop back in later to try and get that haircut photo up. Maybe I can use my sister's digital camera... See you tomorrow for Toddler Talk Thursday!!

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