Sunday, May 22, 2011

Aunt April's Ballet Recital

Last night was my baby sister's ballet recital. Although she primarily dances at Diversity Dance Studio, she studies ballet and pre pointe at the School of Classical Ballet. For the sake of less typing lol, I will refer to them as DDS and SCB. :) I am an alumnai to Tracy's School of Dance (what DDS used to be named) and of SCB, and am very proud of her for following in my footsteps. :D

This recital was for SCB, though she didn't preform any pointe. She preformed two dances that were both beautiful! Alan and I went with my family, and gave Lon a break. I ran into some old classmates, teachers and students, which was fun because they all got to see how big Alan was and got to see my wedding ring and talk about the wedding. :) I love all my dance girls!

The first dance April did as an a Capella piece called X13, choreographed by the wonderful Leigh Schanfein. I have taken classes from her, she is an amazing dancer! They did a interpretive dance that involved running and then yelling "Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" lol while dramatically slapping their hips, sides and shoulders. They were dressed in jazz pants and white collared shirts with a tie. It was a pretty comical dance. :) I loved it! I think it was a statement about business people, always monotonus and running, coming out of their shells and yelling. :) Great dance, good job Leigh!

Her second dance was to a Mozart classic called Rondo Alla Turca choreographed by the director Betty Loos. This is a traditional SCB song and I have danced to it in their Summer Intensive. It is a favorite of mine. :) They were dressed in dark blue dresses, which accented April's gorgeous red hair. The girls danced this dance beautifully. I've danced too many dances to remember what Rondo Betty had taught me, but if that was the traditional dance to Rondo then it very well could have been! :) She was a beautiful dancer in it though, you definitely can see her passion.

There were a few other dances that also really caught my family's eyes. There was a great dance done by my old class where they pretended to be wind up dolls. It was so cool looking! Then another group danced to Papparazzi by Lady Gaga, where they used disposable cameras for their flashes! It was really interesting, Alan and Kalvin loved that one! I also really enjoyed the trio who danced to Johhny Cash's God's Gonna Cut you Down. The girls were dressed in long striped dresses, looking like beautiful jail birds. :) Alan and Kalvin thought it was cool how they rolled around everywhere lol (they did a lot of floorwork for this piece). The last one that we really enjoyed was from April's pointe class that she will be preforming with next year. They did a sailor influenced pointe danced to the Colonel Bogey March (also known as the Comet tune lol, Kalvin and Natalie started singing it during the dance lol). It was really simple pointe moves, but they are still beginners. I liked it because it gave my family an idea of what April would be doing in class next year.

Alan behaved so well too! I prepared myself for this trip again (like at Natalie's tonsil appointment) with toys, snacks and coloring supplies.Thankfully I was successful last night and didn't even need to break out the coloring supplies or my back up candy! Alan was engrossed by the dancers for most of the recital, and even when he got bored with the slower moving, girly ones (he's a boy, c'mon lol) he still behaved and played quietly with his toys! Good boy! He was way better than the three and five year old that were running around the venue, laughing and disturbing everyone. :) I rewarded his good behavior with cake at the reception, even though it was ten lol. He deserved it!

All in all, the recital went so great. I am so glad that Alan and I went! Now, for DDS's recital in June lol. Can't wait! :D

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