Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ideas for a tattoo

I will be getting a tattoo soon (hopefully June if not July) and I want to get something for Alan. It will probably be on my right shoulder blade. I have two other tattoos on my body currently, a vine of blooming roses for my Rosalie on the right side of my stomach and a sparrow on the left side of my chest. I have always felt the need to document important life events on my body, thus my other two tattoos. And I've been thinking about it, it seems a little silly to have a tattoo for a deceased child and not also have one for my living child.  So I want something for Alan, but am struggling with finding something that I see "worthy" of my wonderful son. On a side note, it took me a whole year to think up what I was doing for Rosalie soooooo. :)

I have a few ideas, but need help with the decision making.

Idea #1

I want 2 or 3 blue fading to purple aster flowers (September's birth flower) with Alan's birthdate and time (09*05*09 22:23) underneath. Here is a photo of a similar aster tattoo, only its on someone's arm.


Idea #2

Alan is my monkey boy, so I was thinking about getting a tattoo of a cute baby monkey standing next to four blocks that spell out Alan's name. Something like this but way cuter of a monkey and possibly even with baby accessories lol. This one was for a guy so isn't too cute.


Idea #3

I love Alan's art work and how he draws, even at this age! But this tattoo I would definitely want to wait a year or two to do. I want to get a tattoo that Alan drew for me. :) Something like this, only maybe a portrait of himself. Ooh cute! :D


Idea #4

Alan very obviously is my heart, my entire life. I've been toying around with a flying heart with his birthdate and time (09*05*09 22:23) written inside the heart. It will look something like this, with or with out the banner. Now that I've seen this, I love the banner look. Sorry this one isn't an actual tatttoo but just a design! I'm picky when it comes to classical hearts and banners for tattoos. :)


So I love all four of these ideas and just can't decide! Grrr, I need some help! :D Post a comment with which Idea you like best. Maybe that will help me in my decision making. Because they are all just wonderful designs.

I'm not sure what's up with the Undomestic Mama, but once again no Top Two Tuesday this week. I hope all is well with her and her family and she makes a fast return to the blogging community! :)

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