Saturday, May 21, 2011

To move or not to move.

That is the question currently consuming our minds.

Our one year lease at our current apartment ends June 17, 2011 and as of July first we will automatically be switching to a month to month lease. Before Lon became a SAHD, we were planning on moving out and renting another place for six more months before buying our own house. Now that Lon is a SAHD, our plans have changed.

We have two options, and neither of them sound good to me right now lol. But we have to pick one...

We could move to another, hopefully cheaper apartment. This is option one. There are already some "cons" that I can think of for this option. I don't know if we can afford a deposit and a first month's rent right now, with all that I am already paying for by myself. I know that we could use an apartment with cheaper rent, but I fear the process of moving will cost too much. Unless we got our full deposit back from this apartment, which isn't likely in our eyes because of the messes my son has caused in this house. But then again I dunno what parents get their deposits back lol. Kids make messes. :) Really the only "pro" I can think of for this option is the hopefully cheaper rent. If we move, I was planning on looking into rent controlled apartments or looking for an apartment a hundred dollars or so cheaper than this one.

However the other option is stay on the month to month lease until we can afford to move, probably not until around Alan's second birthday. The biggest "con" I can think of right away is I am not sure if I feel comfortable having a kid and living in a month to month lease. I've done that before, and the second month of the lease the landlord evicted us so that they could move in family members (Is that even legal???). I was okay by myself, but could not imagine being faced with something like that with Alan. It makes my stomach churn. :\ This landlord is a little more trustworthy than the one that evicted me but I still have nightmares about it.

Another "con" that has been brought to our attention recently by two of our neighbors is black mold. Our house is over 105 years old and both neighbors had mentioned to us seeing black mold in their apartments and being sick all winter. This scares me because I know what black mold can do to a person. *Shudder* We have yet to find any black mold in our apartment but let me tell you the minute we do we are moving, without a doubt. But my neighbors are calling the city to have them come check the building hopefully sometime next week. This will be our main determiner.

For now, I continue to go to back and forth between these two options. I know I will make the right decision by July but until then I ponder. To move or not to move. Like the great Hamlet, only less philosophical lol. :P

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