Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy birthday Aunt Natalie! Wait... Didn't we just celebrate a birthday lol???

Today is my sister Natalie's 19th birthday.

My sister is one of those people I can remember knowing as far back as I had conscious memory of. She is only 2 years and 10 months younger than me and we have actually been mistaken for twins before! She is still the one person I tell everything, and the first person I go to for girl talk lol. We've had some wild memories too. From covering the whole sidewalk in chalk that one time as kids, to logging in Canyon Ferry Lake with our cousins, to the various rides we took in Todd, to Boosketball and Nelly (inside joke lmao), to being a fish then a turtle then an elephant, to playing imagination games with Alan and Kalvin. :) She's now in college and is a team leader at Chuck E Cheese (pretty much what I was there pre Alan), we're so proud of you!

Tonight we will be meeting up with my family to go out to dinner at Dos Machos, as is tradition for Natalie's birthday and Cinco de Mayo. We always have the Mariachi band come and sing to her, and then we get a pic of her in a somberro. I'll try to get that photo up here lol, they're always funny. :)

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