Saturday, May 28, 2011

Walking does wonders for the nomadic soul in me.

I have this crazy theory kicking around in my head. I would like to share it with you, my readers. Please bare with me, I may get a little wild with this one. :D I'm very passionate about it.

There's a reason why people, why my family in general as well as everyone else, is not happy about their daily life and it is because humans are no longer listening to their natural instincts of being nomadic. 

In a completely natural world, humans would be nomadic. Think Native American or some African tribes, they are a wonderful example. Humans (in nature) travel with their prey, whether it be a pack of deer, antelope, or gazelles. They have developed somewhat portable shelters, and they follow the pack wherever it leads them. Its a really simple, yet beautiful concept.

This obviously is not the case with modern day people. We spend all day inside moving from one shelter to another. We start in the morning at their house, then go to their car, to their job, back to their car, to a restaurant, to their car again for errands, back to work, back to their car, and then back home. They never get to go outside. Its sad really, having built buildings for sheltering us and now they trap us like caged birds. We stay inside all day, never look outside, at the sky, at the sun. Even for those few seconds that we are outside, transitioning from building to car, we ignore the beauties of nature.

I want to change this. I encourage people to start walking one place (work, the store, etc.) at least once a week. Be sure you actually enjoy your walk too, don't just get to your destination. Give yourself time to walk, and then smell the flowers, look at the sky, watch the squirrels (or dogs lol), enjoy it.

There's a bit of a catch to this, something that will dishearten some people. In order to get the full "effect" of this theory, you have to plan out your walk, and WALK IT NO MATTER WHAT WEATHER. If its windy, you still walk. If its raining, you still walk. If it starts sleeting or snowing, YOU STILL WALK. Get the point??? :)

The natural humans didn't have the option to take their SUV out to go follow that prey, so neither will you. (This of course becomes null and void once your safety is involved. I do not encourage anyone to walk during any Weather Channel warnings.) This will help out with gas costs, your physique, the enviroment and it will help feed your primal human mind, so to speak lol.

I feel like a changed person now that I walk to and from work everyday. I have walked for a week and a half now, and even walked on Tuesday during the heavy rains and flash flooding downtown. I was soaked when I got home, but my spirits were high! I've been taking Alan and Lon on Sunday walks as well, and Alan "inner puppy" (Have I told you readers the Inner Animal Theory? Probably not lol. Post to come!) has come out! He loves to walk, especially outside! 

I hope no one takes offense to this post. Please remember, I am a hippie and sometimes my views on the world can be a little... CRAZY! :D If you don't agree with this post, that's fine but please do not take offense. I understand that not all people stay inside all the time, its just how I've been feeling lately! :P Love you all, see you tomorrow! Peace!


  1. I think it's a great idea! If we lived a tad closer to hubby's work I think he would consider walking, or at least riding a bike, but it's just far enough to not be a good walk. I love walking (er, running) though. I always wake up and open all the blinds in the house, because I need that sunshine to get through my day :) Love your post!

  2. I agree with you fully! I always have windows open when I'm inside, my husband jokes that its like we're always outside, even when we're inside. :P I would love to walk more as well though.

    Have a great Sunday and a wonderful Memorial Day! :)