Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy birthday Uncle Kalvin!!

Today is my baby brother Kalvin's seventh birthday. <3

Yes that is actually a cake lol. Wow too bad I couldn't make something like that for Kalvin, he'd pee himself. :) Kalvin is a HUGE fan of Transformers. Actually I don't know who is the bigger fan, him or my husband lol. :P But I already know his party will be Transformer themed, so I thought I'd make his cyber cake the same. On Friday, Alan and I are going to the Reef (local hotel's swim resort) for Kalvin's birthday party. I am not including Lon in this lol, only because of one simple reason. If there is one thing everyone knows about my husband its that he absolutely does NOT swim lol. AT ALL. :) He doesn't even own a pair of trunks, and refuses every summer to buy one even though we go camping at the lake. Hmmm. Anyways this is one of Kalvin's favorite birthday spots, lol I swam there for his party when I was pregnant with Alan. :)

I remember seven years ago when I was only fifteen years old, and little Kalvin was born. I went to Senior High that day, praying to any god that he'd be born before 3 pm so that I could get out of school. Lmao, one track mind huh? :P But when we did get the news that he was born, I was so excited to finally have a brother. Little did I know that we would soon acquire an older brother in three years, but that was definitely one of the best moments in my life. :)

My parent's named him Kalvin after a nickname my father (Kevin) was called when he was only a child. He was given my father's middle name as well. KCK <3

I love my little brother so much! He is such a smart person, such a caring boy, such a loving and helpful uncle. :) I think Alan and even Connor will only continue to look up to him as they all grow up together.

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