Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alan at 20 months

I'm posting this today, even though Alan's 20 month birth anniversary won't be until tomorrow. But tomorrow's my sister Natalie's birthday and I will also be posting with the blog hop Toddler Talk Thursdays. But I am so proud of him and all of the milestones he's achieved! Happy birth anniversary Alan! <3

Alan's Stats at 20 months:
Weight: 28 pounds 9 ounces (He lost weight midmonth when he got sick, glad he's gained most of it back!)
Height: 31.25 inches

Clothing sizes: Shirts: 24 months
Pants/Shorts: 18 months
Diaper: Size 5
Shoes: Since Alan has been walking for ten months now, we have finally bought him his FIRST pair of big boy shoes!! :D They are size 6.

Teeth: Still only 12 teeth, but we can see his canines beginning to poke through! So next month, maybe 16??? :D

At 20 months, Alan can...

-Say all the colors of the rainbow (even orange now!) and count to four without help, ten with help.

-Say "Mama, Daddy, Alan, Nana (Grandma Melanie), Nonny (Grandma Amber), Papa (Grandpa Steve), Gampa (Grandpa Kevin), Nanny (Aunt Natalie), Apo (Aunt April), Cameron (Uncle Cameron), Ieo (Aunt Ariel), Borbin (Korbin), Buhbuh (Buster), Mickey Mouse, Abby Cadabby, Kari, Nanu (Keanu), Nonnor (Connor), Uncle, Pippi, Emma, Miri, Esame Street (Seasame Street), Boo, Dirty, Dance, Vroom, Eat, Leprechaun, Happy, Lego, Egg, Easter, Basket, Ball, Car, Dog, Milk, Up, No, Stop, Hey You, Yeah, Nighnigh, Birdy, Play, Hi, Bye, Please, I Lub You, I Want Go, Potty, Read Me, Baby, Together, Book, Pretty, Hair, Nice, Cup, Kitty, Puppy, Mine, Nose, Eye, Color, Pen, Draw, Drive, Bike, Dance, Food, Sippy, Drink, Phone, Truck, Potty, Poo, Teeth, Play, Run, Milk, Blocks, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Square, Circle, Much, Slobber, All Better, Good Job, See Ya, Oowie, Hot Dog, All done, Puzzle, Thank You, Your Welcome and Please" That's a total of 103 words!

-Go potty in the potty (still little to no BM though) and keep his diaper dry while he's at home with me. :D We haven't tried him at daycare yet, but I decided to switch steps 3 and 4 around anyways. (See my Potty Training plan here) This weekend, we will be getting Alan's VERY FIRST PAIR OF UNDERPANTS!!!

-Not only help dress and undress himself, but help pick out his clothes. Its his new thing lol, picking out mismatched shirts, shorts (yes even in this wild weather, we've been covering his legs with long socks and blankies lol), and coats for daycare and play dates. The other day he wore camo pants, an orange and yellow striped tank top with a black long sleeved shirt underneath and his favorite yellow and blue Buzz Lightyear coat. :) Its a good thing I was known as the mismatched Love Child when I was little, because Alan's becoming one now.

-Name all of his body parts and point where they are.

-Help us pick up toys, pick up food he's dropped on the floor, dry dishes with a towel, and "vacuum" lol. :) He doesn't really vacuum, he just has a toy lawn mower that he moves all over our floors like a vacuum. He will start at one end and move all the way down, making back and forth motions with his lawn mower similar to what Lon and I do. :)

-Well, he can *cough* explore himself lol. Not that this is an achievement, but this is considered a milestone to most pediatricians. Alan has begun to explore his diaper area during potty and changing time, which can be quite disgusting when he's poopy. But I guess lol.

-Draw straight lines and circles. Yesterday at art class he helped Daddy draw an elephant!

-Play simple games (with only some help) like Duck Duck Goose. This is his favorite game, but he also likes Hide and Seek, Red Light Green Light, and Tag.

-Share and play nicely with other toddlers and babies. He even will help babies get back their toys if they can reach them.

-Sing songs while he plays and with people in groups. He loves to sing and has a very nice singing voice, even if he doesn't pronounce all the words right. :)

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