Friday, May 6, 2011

Reality shatters my blissful state

Yes I am still riding on the tailwinds of wedding and newlywed bliss, but its only been two weeks today so who can blame me?

However this morning, reality harshly reminded us how precious life really is. Unfortunately it has shattered my innocent wedding bliss but I once again have appreciation for living and just being alive. Materials are not necessary (even as a Buddhist I have to remind myself) just love and life.

My sister Natalie was in a car crash this morning.

An older lady illegally pulled out in front of her and Nat couldn't stop in time so she ran into the lady's car. She was wearing her seat belt and her air bags deployed. She spent three hours in the Emergency Room, was X-rayed and thankfully only sprained her shoulder and her neck. She is also still recovering from shock and really sore from how hard her car hit the other car. What's that called again lol? Compaction? As you can tell I am still coming off of the shock and adernaline too lol. Can't think of smart words right now. :P

I have been one stressed out sister today. :( Talking to Natalie to calm her while they put her on the stretcher, waiting with Kalvin and April and not bringing up the accident, helping out with Kalvin's party while Natalie got X-Rayed, supporting and comforting April in her fears, and then helping Natalie home and getting her comfortable. I didn't get to hardly see Lon today and had to call into to work so I could help with Natalie and take her place at the party. Its nice to finally be home and not stressed, I even meditated tonight. :) I feel much more at peace with the whole day now.

The lesson of the day? Life is short. Love your family and don't fret about the materils in life. They can always be replaced, but your sister can't.

I love you soooooooooooo much Natalie. Thank goodness that you are okay. <3

In lighter news...

My Top Ten Photos From my Wedding post will be released tomorrow! I just had my picture viewing with the wonderful Jeff Bryson and I have to say that I absolutely LOVED all of his pictures! I know you will too! :) Check it tomorrow to see them! I can't wait! :D

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