Thursday, May 12, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursdays!! May 12, 2011

This morning I am taking a great risk and embarking on quite the insane little adventure with my toddler in tow... I am taking my sister to her tonsil surgery appointment.

*Deep breaths* This involves me taking Alan and Aunt Natalie to the hospital, and waiting with a nervous Aunt Natalie, all while entertaining a bored Alan, FOR ONE WHOLE HOUR. If not a little bit more time, depending on when they take her back. *Gulp*

:) This Toddler Talk Thursday topic fits perfectly with today's adventure, as I will tell you WHAT exactly I have packed to *crossing fingers* hopefully sway Alan from having any "I'm Really Bored and You Won't Let Me Play With Things I Know I'm Not Supposed To" meltdowns of nuclear proportions (This is no exaggeration, my son can throw one hell of a tantrum!).

So here's Toddler Talk Thursdays!

Sippy Cup Mom

This Week’s Topic: 

What do you pack for a day out with your toddler?

Very simple. Or kinda simple I guess lol. :) I think I just precieve it as simple because I load my diaper bag each night, instead in the morning before we leave, that way its not a rushed thing.  I know, I'm a little OCD but this quirk is beneficial I think! :P

Anyways lol, I normally pack:


Rash Cream (he's teething, he still gets rashes lol)
Extra change of clothes
Meals (if we're out during one)
Drinks for Alan and I
Extra water bottle
Alan's cellphone and key set
2 different types of toys
3 various books
A few sheets of paper
 My wallet (I don't carry a purse)

I always try to make sure I have everything, even all the extra toys and books, because my son is always wanting something new to play with. This is especially the case when we are required to "wait" for something lol. I rotate out the toys and its distracts him enough. :) I also always need to have Alan's toy cell phone and keys, otherwise he demands mine for the day. And its really hard to function without your cell phone or keys lol. :)

Idea for next week's topic:
What type of teething relievers (tablets, gel, or ice, etc.) do you use?

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