Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday!! May 17, 2011

So I still do not know what is up with The Undomestic Mama, but am at least grateful she posted again six days ago. For this week, we will be linking up with Oh Amanda at Top Ten Tuesday. Similar to Top Two Tuesday lol. :) Only with this blog hop, you choose your own Top Ten... Hmmmmm what to do....

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Top Ten Favorite Zoo Animals

I love going to the zoo, especially our zoo in Montana. :) So I thought that this would be a fun Top Ten to do today. We are hoping to go back to Zoo Montana asap, because Alan also enjoys it and they have the grizzly cubs now! Can't wait to see them!

#10 Peacocks... Because they're obnoxious and ruin zoo garden weddings lol. :P My cousin had her wedding in the zoo gardens and during the ceremony, one of the male peacocks got really confrontational with the priest and was "ca-awing" at the bride and groom lol. It was really annoying but made for some really beautiful wedding photos. :)

#9 Hippopotamuses... Because they are just weird. I dunno lol, but there's something cute about them too.

#8 Tigers


#7 Red Pandas... We have these at Zoo Montana and they are pretty adorable little things. They also are quite interesting animals.

#6 Zebras


#5 Lions


#4 Giraffes... Giraffes are surprisingly cool animals, they are really aggressive and protective of their young. Plus those furry horn things are the cutest! :D

#3 Monkeys


#2 Wolves... I have always thought wolves were really interesting animals. I like how they can survive in a pack or on their own. Plus there's a reason they were domesticated and are now man's best friend in so many different breeds,  wolves are excellent protectors and are loyal to their pack. All these wonderful qualities in such a beautiful animal.

#1 Elephants


Hope you enjoyed today's Top Ten Tuesday! Have a great day today and a wonderful Wednesday! Peace! :D

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