Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Well Montana's Drought is over!!

This was quoted from a close friend of mine, Korbin's mother Erica, on Tuesday. Ever since I have been a child, I have heard how Montana is stuck in a drought. I've heard it from my grandpa, a rancher and farmer, and my dad, an avid outdoorsman, as well as many various people. Now I don't know if this drought is a real drought, or a fictional mind block in the majority of Montanans lmao... (Just poking fun here, I don't need any offensive comments on this post). But whatever drought it is, its gotta be over by now!!!!

It has been raining here for about a week now, almost non-stop. I guess it has been raining most places around the US but man, has it made a lot of problems for Montanans.


There is flooding all over the state, and there are flood warnings for most of Montana in place until Saturday. Alan's great aunt and uncle are stranded in there house outside of Molt, MT. And Korbin's (Alan's BFF) family is stranded on the reservation due to flooding knocking out the main bridges. Billings residents have been lucky to only have heavy rain without flooding all week, until last night.


Last night, it rained one inch an hour and the valley of Billings started to become a swimming pool, complete with waterfalls rolling off the rims.


All roads to the Heights were closed due to flooding and rockslides. And we at Child Watch, prepared to move our children to the second floor. Thankfully, the rain slowed down by eight and we were all able to go home safely. But still, look at the damages the next day!!


There was so much damage done to Billings and all of Montana in general, that we made the National news! Rescue troops have been working non-stop and there are groups collecting supplies. My family wanted to help in any way we could, since we felt so blessed that our family was safe after the storm. So we donated food, diapers, wipes, old clothing that Alan can't fit into anymore and blankets we don't use either to be sent out to Lodge Grass.

I hope that the rest of the US is recovering from the rains and the tornadoes. How is your family faring this crazy Spring weather???

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