Friday, June 17, 2011

Alan's Accident and Alan's Day Out

Before I tell you the story of Alan's Day Out, I must tell you about Alan's accident he had Wednesday night. The three of us were outside on our front porch, playing in the cooling evening air. I was sitting next to Alan on the steps and Lon was on the porch. Alan was practicing walking up steps by himself (I was still supervising him) and holding onto the railing. He was on the second step when his foot slipped and his fell towards the step. I yelled and reached for him, but didn't catch him before he made contact with the steps. :( These porch steps are quite decieving too, they are carpeted cement so they look softer than they actually are. He smacked his lip and cheek real hard on the steps. :(

We took him upstairs, and he was bleeding from his lip. I started freaking out (there's something about having my own child bleeding that makes me sick to my stomach) and had to remind myself that he will be okay, even if he bleeds a little. We cleaned the wound and stopped the bleeding. We also put ice on it to help with any swelling. Then we snuggled with him in our bed til he calmed down and fell asleep.

The next morning you could really see the damage. :( Alan's left cheek is slightly swollen and bruised and his corner of his lip is all puffy and scabbed. :( We've been giving him Tylenol and putting ice packs on it throughout yesterday, and I feel like that's all I can do for him. Lon keeps remniding me that he is a boy, and boys get hurt, and it wasn't my fault. But I feel sooooooo bad! :(

Anyways, while I was at work yesterday, my mom took Alan and my siblings to have some fun. Grandpa Kevin and Uncle Kalvin are leaving to go camping today, so Uncle Kalvin wanted to spend some quality time with his nephew. :) So they took him swimming at the Billings Gymnastics School (a pool at a gymnastics school??? What?).

I'll admit now, I was a little anxious (after what happened the night before) and quite jealous that they were doing this without me. Along with Alan, Grandma had to watch Kalvin and his friend, April and her friend, and Natalie and their neighbor Seth. I was worried that she would have too much on her hands, but they did just fine. I'm just a worry wort lol. :P

Alan wasn't all that into to the pool, he would only sit on the steps with Grandma and put his legs in. He played with Uncle Kalvin and Aunt April and with the pool toys though. Grandma said he had a good time. After the pool, they went to Softies for ice cream and Alan had a vanilla kiddie cone! Big boy! :D The funny thing is, he fell asleep while eating it! Everyone was in the van, eating their cones and Aunt April started laughing because Alan was asleep with the cone still in his little hand, dripping all over everything. :P

He took a nice nap at Grandma's house and then had dinner with them over there. Lon and I picked him up after I got off of work at eight. His face had improved much by then. The swelling is down and his lip looks a lot better. I am so glad that his accident Wednesday night did not ruin his fun with Grandma yesterday! :)

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