Sunday, June 5, 2011

Only 3 more months! How crazy!

Wow I can't believe its June already! June is a very important month for us! It is the one year anniversary of me quitting breastfeeding (6/6), the one year anniversary of Alan standing for the first time (6/9), and the one year anniversary of Alan walking for the first time (6/23)! Plus today Alan is 1 year and 9 months old! He is only 3 months shy of being two!

You know what that means??? Time to start planning that birthday party!

Well, maybe next month lol... :P

We can't wait to celebrate each of these anniversaries as the come! Congratulations on getting so big, Mister Alan! We love you so much!

Alan's Stats at 21 months:
Weight: 29 pounds 13 ounces
Height: 32 inches

Clothing sizes: Shirts: 24 months
Pants/Shorts: 18 months
Diaper: Size 5
Shoes: Size 7

Teeth: 13 1/2 teeth! One of his canines is only halfway out at this point! Can you say OUCH?

At 21 months, Alan can...

-Sing his ABCs with some help, count to four by himself, count to ten with help, and name all the colors of the rainbow.

-Repeat just about every word someone says. He's such a wonderful mimic!

-Say "Mama, Daddy, Alan, Nana (Grandma Melanie), Nonny (Grandma Amber), Papa (Grandpa Steve), Gampa (Grandpa Kevin), Nanny (Aunt Natalie), Apo (Aunt April), Cameron (Uncle Cameron), Nenelle (Aunt Jenelle), Ieo (Aunt Ariel), Nalvin (Uncle Kalvin), Orbin (Korbin), Buhbuh (Buster), Mickey Mouse, Abby Cadabby, Kari, Nanu (Keanu), Nonnor (Connor), Uncle, Pippi, Emma, Miri, Esame Street (Seasame Street), Boo, Dirty, Dance, Vroom, Eat, Leprechaun, Happy, Lego, Egg, Easter, Basket, Ball, Car, Dog, Milk, Up, No, Stop, Hey You, Yeah, Nighnigh, Birdy, Play, Hi, Bye, Please, Music, I Lub You, I Want Go, Potty, Read Me, Baby, Together, Book, Pretty, Hair, Nice, Cup, Kitty, Puppy, Mine, That, This, Nose, Eye, Color, Pen, Draw, Drive, Ear, Bike, Dance, Food, Sippy, Drink, Phone, Truck, Potty, Poo, PeePee, Teeth, Play, Run, Milk, Blocks, Red, Orange, Keys, Blankie, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Square, Circle, Triangle, Much, Slobber, All Better, Good Job, Quiet, Nap Time, See Ya, Oowie, Hot Dog, All done, Puzzle, Wedding, School, Art Class, Sing, Clue, Dinner, Beepbeep, Wash, Bath, Clean, Tub, Outside, Truck, Watch, Throw, Shirt, Shoes, Socks, Pants, Shorts, Spoon, Fork, Thank You, Your Welcome, Birthday, Belly, Hand, Toes and Please" That's a total of 141 words!

-Can walk up and down stairs with a railing and minimal help!

-Can throw a small ball overhand and can kick a ball. He's also a really fast runner now.

-Pretends to read, pretends to feed his toys food, pretends to drive his cars, pretends to play with toy animals and people. He's an awesome pretender! I have a BLAST playing with him now! Lucky mom here!!!! :D

-Use the potty pretty well and keep his big boy undies dry at home!!! Go big boy! :D

-Be trusted with a bowl on his high chair tray. For a while now we've been letting him use forks and spoons to practice eating like a big boy, but we always put the food directly on the tray or used a suction cup bowl. Just this week, we decided that he could be trusted with a normal bowl on his tray while he has his lunch/dinner with us. He can also drink from a straw!!

-Sing like no other! He loves to listen to music and sing along with it. We always play toddler music in our house, and I credit that to his vocabulary. We spend alot of our day singing songs. :)

-Dance as well! He has even developed some of trademark steps: The Rock (He rocks back and forth, or side by side lol), The Arm Wiggle (pretty self explanatory), and The Run Around and Fall Over. Classic moves Alan, classic moves.

-Unlock simple locks! Ahhhhh! We thought it was bad enough when he started opening and closing doors, but now that he can unlock certain locks, we are in some trouble here lol!

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