Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who would've thought?????

Today was another hot one. 84 degrees almost right away when we woke up at 7:30. I had to work this morning in Child Watch and teach my Kindergarten art class plus Lon was finishing up his sixth folf basket, so Alan came with me to daycare.

The first hour Alan was the only kid in there, so he got to decide which side he wanted to play on. He changed his mind about every... ten seconds lol. But then more kids started showing up, including on of Alan's older friends he hadn't seen in a while. They ran and played ball together, and had a wonderful time. I had to leave him at daycare for my art class and he didn't even care! :) Lol art class was good. We made Summer Collages and Hand print Birds (I feel like I've already typed this before lol, maybe earlier in the week!) and my chatty girls finished their kites from last week. We will be moving this classes' art show to the Saturday after next, due to one student's absence for the holiday weekend. But we still discussed how to curate the art show and how to properly explain each picture. My Kindergartners were really into it! :) I believe their art show will be awesome!

After art, I went back down to Child Watch to work for the last hour it was open. Alan had a poopy diaper (he still will only poop in diapers... Grrrr! Thoughts?) and wouldn't let anyone else change him. So I stepped up to the plate lol, so to speak. :) But he was NOT happy about me taking his shoes off so I could change him. He freaked out and screamed, "My shoes! MY SHOES!" like someone was hurting him. Oooooh it was so embarrassing. :) I successfully changed his diaper but after putting his shorts back on, he refused to let me put on his shoes. Then he wanted them on, then didn't... So on and so forth. You all know how tantrums go lol. Well I finally scooped him up and started rocking him in our rocking chair. I was given another baby to rock and a few minutes later, I thought the baby had fallen asleep.

I asked my co-worker to check, and she told me they both were! :) I rocked them for a few more minutes, until the baby woke himself up and scared himself. He started screaming and woke up Alan, so I set him on the floor for a moment to adjust the baby. Well Alan fell BACK asleep on the floor! And he slept that way until we closed! Silly tired man!

We weren't able to meet up with my friends and their sons for the play date, as one of them had an family pet emergency. :( But it was okay, since Alan chose to take an early nap.

While Alan napped, Lon and I watched Battlefield: Los Angeles. Wow! What a good movie! It was waaaaaaaaaaay better than Skyline! I even cried a little lol!

Once Alan woke up from his nap, the both of us headed to Grandma Melanie's house. We decided to not go to Rose Park pool, because of the heat. We figured that the pool would be packed because its a Saturday and of the weather. So we hung out at their home and made our own water park instead. :)

Uncle Kalvin and his friend set up the Slip-n-Slide. Alan was too scared to try the Slip-n-Slide, which I was quite grateful for. But we also set up the sprinkler in the front yard and he just loved that! Which is surprising because he hates water running on him. He can deal with standing water, like pools and bathtubs, but hates running water, like showers and sprinklers. But not today! :) He ran through the sprinkler over and over again, squealing and laughing the whole way! He would chase after Uncle Kalvin and his friend, or go in by himself. He didn't mind the water spraying in his face. He thought it was funny.

Where did my baby go????

He's grown up so much and in two short months he will be two!! This just blows my mind and makes me a little sad actually. But I know he needs to grow. And so I'm loving every minute of it. :)

I had such a good day with my son today. I can't wait for Family Sunday tomorrow! We are going to Cars 2 at 1:55 and then we be attending the Symphony in the Park tomorrow night. What a great way to spend my summer Sundays! :) Have a great night everyone!

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