Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet Me on Monday!! June 27, 2011

I'm not feeling that hot this morning. I was up all night last night with a gruesome stomach ache. :\ It finally went away at like seven, you know, an hour before I had to wake up. Blah. At least today I only have one art class and work only from 3 to 8 in daycare. I might be sleeping the rest of the time... Ha! I wish!

Here's Meet Me on Monday!

What is your favorite food?
Probably spaghetti. Ooooh I love me some spaghetti! Any pasta really, but there's something about how easy it is to make (SUPER EASY) versus how delicious it is (SUPER DELICIOUS) that makes me just want to eat it all the time. Yum!

Too bad Lon feels the EXACT opposite way about spaghetti. So we eat it like... once a month. Boo!

What color scheme is your bedroom?
We do not have a color scheme. Lon is an eccentric inventor and I'm a hippie (duh lol) so we don't believe in conforming to a specific color scheme for just about any room. In our bedroom alone, we have my purple tapestry, blue bed sheets, weird off white/tan walls, our black and white blanket, various colors in our many pictures on the wall and like three different types of wooden furniture. No scheme whatsoever. :)

Do you carry a donor card?
No I don't but I have been contemplating becoming a donor. I know a lot of loved ones and people who are in need of donors. You can never have too many. :)

In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full?
I'm an optimist, if that's what your asking. I have never really like this question because I just think its silly. If you want to know if I'm an optimist, ask. Don't quiz me on silly things. Cos in all honesty, I've said it both ways before. Its all about context. 

Vanilla or Chocolate?
Chocolate all the way! I like vanilla, but ever since Childhood I've been the one who gets Chocolate. My sister Natalie had allergies as a child to chocolate, so she always got vanilla. So I think it was a little programmed into me lol. :P But I like both vanilla and chocolate, I will just always pick chocolate over just about anything. Chocolate's the best!  

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  1. I am an "eclectic" decorator at this point, too. :)

    I am visiting from Meet Me on Monday. I hope that you have a great day!