Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursdays!! June 30, 2011

Yesterday, Alan hopped on a hopper ball for the first time ever! You know, like the ones with the handles on them? He looked so cute! I was so proud lol! :) Today we will be going to get our oil changed in our Cadillac for our camping trip. I am a little anxious about having Alan there with me for the duration of the oil change, in the super small MasterLube lobbey with no doors! And the heat uggggh. Its supposed to be 80 degrees but we were already woken up this morning by the heat. It feels like it might be 90 degrees out there now. Blah wish me luck! I'm gonna need it! :)

Here's Toddler Talk Thursday!!

Sippy Cup Mom

This week's topic:
Emergency Kit for your babysitter. Do you have one? What is yours?

Lon and I are pretty picky when it comes to babysitting. He has ONE babysitter his whole life, and that is my mother. My sisters and brothers will help out but she is the babysitter.

We don't let any random person watch Alan. He has never been watched by a young teenage girl, which is weird as I used to be a babysitter in middle school. But still, these days I have heard too many horror stories about babysitters doing unknown things to the kids they watch. And this incident in Great Falls recently has really hit us close to home. :\ That poor little girl. This has only amplified my feelings about babysitters and how I HAVE TO KNOW THE PERSON REALLY WELL!!!! Like have grown up with them or have them be family, but even then...

Lon and I have given up our social life for Alan's safety. We don't go out on dates, we don't go out to drink, we just don't go out, unless he is with us. For example I will be turning 22 in less than a month, and I have only legally drank two times ever. For my birthday and for Lon's birthday. I didn't even drink at my wedding or wedding reception. Its a sacrifice, but one of the most important sacrifices I have ever made. :)

Anyways, back to the question. I do not have an emergency kit for my mom when she babysits Alan but that is only because she babysits him at her house, where she has access to her own emergency kit. I do, however, have a emergency phone number list that I gave my mom a long time ago. It has mine and Lon's numbers, as well as Alan's physician's number, Ask a Nurse's hotline and even the hospital.

What does your Emergency Kit look like????

Idea for next week's topic:
How did you celebrate Independence Day with your toddler?

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