Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet Me on Monday!! June 20, 2011

First I want to say have a wonderful trip to Java @Never Growing Old, who hosts this blog hop! I hope you have a great time in Mexico!! :D

I also wanted to wish Miss Sophie a happy first birthday today!! :D Saturday was her birthday party, but today she is officially one! I will have to get Alan to stop calling her "Baby Sophie" now (he's been calling her that since she was born lol)! Happy first birthday beautiful girl! We love you so much!

Today will be a good day. I have one of my Kindergarten art classes this morning and then I work in Child Watch from 3 to 8. If the weather stays nice (it looks like it could rain) then we will be playing outside again all day! Yes!! :D I love these summer days!

Here's Meet Me on Monday!!

What feature of the opposite sex do you notice first?
Their eyes or their smile. For Lon, it was actually his hair lol, but that was only because he was wearing sunglasses and he had GORGEOUS blonde locks back then. *Swoons* Ooooooh he was so handsome then!!! 

Do you talk to yourself?
Oh my word, DO I talk to myself!!! I talk to myself like all the time lol, pretty much whenever I don't have someone to talk to. :P But in my defense, I think at least everyone talks to themselves at certain times. And I think it developed from being a SAHM Alan's first year of life. I did A TON of talking to myself him then! Lmao!

What is your current relationship status?
I am married yo! :D Lon and I had our wedding April 23. Wow, it will be two months on Thursday! That's wild!

Do you have a garden?
I don't. Not anymore. :( But I am patiently waiting until we buy our first home, hopefully February 2012, when I can start my own garden. I would love to have a vegetable and herbal garden in my backyard, as well as a flower garden in my front yard. I love plants and gardening is such a peaceful thing!

What is your favorite licorice flavor?
Ewwwwww I really don't like licorice! Any type! I can sometimes deal with red licorice, but I don't even understand why black licorice was ever made! Ick! Lol I can't think of what the taste reminds me of, but its just horrible! Yuck!

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  1. Happy birthday, Sophie!

    I agree with you about licorice. I can't stand *any* of it, no matter the color. It is all disgusting. :)

    I hope that you get to have the home and garden of your dreams very soon.