Thursday, June 23, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursdays!! June 23, 2011

Today is a hot one. I didn't have any art classes to teach today, so we thought we could sleep in a little. NOT! We woke up pretty much when the sun did, because of one thing. THE HEAT!! Ahhhh I've been up for like three hours now and its only getting warmer outside. Why don't we have AC????? Where is the nearest swimming pool???? Is it considered offensive if we continue this somewhat nudist colony when we got out in public???? Cos its too hot for clothing! :)

I can't wait until it gets to be a hundred and ten degrees.... NOT!

It is a month away from my birthday today! I will be turning a wild 22 years old lol! :D Not really... When I go out for my birthday, I will be going out to drink only for the third time ever! I hardly did any drinking when I was 21 and I think it will be the same when I'm 22. So not really wild at all lol. But still, tune in to see more birthday posts, because I am still excited for my birthday!

Here's Toddler Talk Thursdays guys! Enjoy!

Sippy Cup Mom

This week's topic: Vacationing with a Toddler

Do you have any planned? Are you worried, excited? Do you have any tips to share?

We actually will be going on vacation for the fourth of July to Canyon Ferry Lake up between Townsend and Helena, MT. We will be driving up Saturday morning and staying until Monday night (we don't need to watch fireworks with a toddler who is scared of loud noises, plus I work Tuesday morning). We did this same camping trip last year, when Alan was 10 months old. Only we went up Friday and stayed til Tuesday. In a tent, IN the Montana heat lol. And we survived! :D

So am I worried? Nah, I'm so excited about this trip that I've caught myself daydreaming about it when the day gets slow and monotonous. I can't wait to be off of work for three days! I'm glad to only be responsible for one toddler, not ten like I am at work. Chasing Alan around the beach sounds absolutely  w o n d e r f u l  to me right now. :)

My tips? Keep your toddler hydrated, fed, napped and busy.

Even though you are on your vacation, you should still try to keep your child napping and eating regularly. Sometimes when on vacation, parents forget to keep their child "running" so to speak, and that's why children will crash and burn and throw a tantrum. Alan will have his cup with him everywhere (with water in it of course) and we will rest often and have lots of snacks. As of right now, Alan chooses not to take a nap and instead goes to bed early, so we will continue with that during vacation as well.

Another tip? Remember sunscreen! We will be lathering Alan up every three to four hours while we are camping at the lake, and will take him in the shade for a break every hour or so. Sunburns are no fun, especially during vacation!

My last tip? Enjoy the vacation yourself! I've seen a lot of parents so concerned about their children's enjoyment that they themselves don't enjoy their trip. Then they are extremely grumpy by the third day. Don't be that parent!! I will not stress about Alan having fun, HE'S A BOY AND HE'LL BE OUTSIDE, he'll make his own fun. :)

Idea for next week's topic: How do you keep your toddler cool in the hot summer heat?

Have a great day guys! Peace! :D


  1. I feel ya on the heat, we live in FL and it's 98 degrees, heat index of 103, and 81% humidity. Luckily, we DO have a/c, and I know where the pool and splash pads are! ;)

    TwitterID: Midnite592

  2. Yeah, thankfully I work at the YMCA... Pool time!!! :D Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

  3. oh yeah, sunscreen definitely! It seems to be the thing I always forget and have to go buy, lol.

  4. I used to get horrible sunburns as a child and had malignant melanoma removed from my back as a teen, so I never forget lol. You could say I'm a little obsessed with keeping Alan covered. :P