Saturday, June 18, 2011

A beautiful ending to a busy day...

I felt like a chicken with my head cut off all day today, but I enjoyed the majority of it. I started the morning with one of my Kindergarten art class. We made Father's Day cards and Kites. This Kindergarten class is an all girl class, were as my Monday Kindergarten class has one boy and two girls. So the girls got a little chatty about their beloved dad's so I decided to start writing down what they were saying. I heard adorably funny things like, "My dad is the best ever. My mom is also the best too though." and "I like when dad makes me eggs and lets me use chopsticks." or even "He taught me how to ride my bike and now we ride bikes everywhere!"

Then Alan, Lon and I went to our second cousin Sophie's first birthday party at Pioneer Park. They were having a barbecue, and while we waited for burgers Alan and I enjoyed strawberries and cantelope. Yum! Alan was really shy and wouldn't go wish Sophie a happy birthday, even though we had been practicing saying it all morning lol. :) But he went over and said hello to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Kimmel. Then we went for a little walk. On the walk, Lon saw two old friends. It was nice for them to see Alan all big, it had been a while since they had both seen him. We went back to the party and had lunch. After lunch, Lon and I left Alan with Grandma Melanie and Aunt April so we could both go to work. I did another YMCA Tumble party and Lon went to work on his folf baskets.

According to Aunt April, Alan warmed up a little more when Grandma Melanie showed up and he played ball with Aunt April and Sophie. Then they had cake and otter pops. Alan had both lol, at the same time! :D My mom said he would eat a bite of the cake and then sip the otter pop or bite off a chunk. Lmao! What a little silly boy! Towards the end of the party, Great Grandpa Kimmel took Alan and Aunt April on walk to see the creek. Alan really enjoyed looking over the bridge at the creek, and he ran across the bridge a few times with Aunt April. :) Alan wore himself out so much at the party, he fell asleep on the ride back to Grandma's house! Sweet little boy!

Once Lon and I were off work, we visited Alan at Grandma's before we went to get ready for my friend Chelsey's wedding. I missed him all day and so did Lon (even though we were only away for a couple hours) and it was wonderful to see him before we went on our date! We all played ball outside for a few minutes and then we went to get fancy. :D I wore a Natalie's bridesmaid's dress (it matched their color!) and Lon wore his nice tux. We looked quite dashing together, I will really try to get a picture on here, because we looked hawt!

Unfortunately, by the time we had gotten to the venue (it was way out there!) the wedding had finished and the reception was just beginning. We still showed up in time to congratulate the bride and groom, which gave me the chance to introduce Lon to Chelsey and her new husband Dan. Chelsey looked just gorgeous, her dress was sooooooo elegant and beautiful. And Dan looked handsome in his tux. I think Lon and Dan will have alot in common, especially since both their boys are the same age. Chelsey and Dan have an adorable 21 month old boy named Colton, who also looked dashing in his little ring bearer tux. :) Watching him only made me miss Alan though lol.

We were able to let loose and have a little fun with some of my old dance friends and their husbands. Its so funny how many of my former dance classmates now have kids the exact same age as Alan, and how they are all getting married now. How life changes. :) The dinner was a delicious pulled pork sandwich, with potato salad, baked beans, fruit and veggies. Delicious! I didn't think I was as hungry as I was, but I ate all of my plate and some of Lon's lol. Maybe it was the alcohol. :) After dinner, we started the wedding activities. We heard all the toasts (only the Maid of Honor's made me cry lol, her dad made me laugh) and then laughed at the bouquet and garter tossing. We were no longer single people! Whoo! Then we watched the couple's first dance, which little Colton joined in. So cute. The Father and Daughter dance made me cry again lol (OVER EMOTIONAL) and the Mother and Son dance was sweet.

We got lucky picking our table because the cake ceremony and toasts were front and center for us! :) The had a beautifully decorated cake with lilies and purple ribbon, cute rose frosted cupcakes, and a groom's Hunting cake. We each had a cupcake and they were very good! We also enjoyed all the fun things they had. They had bubbles, which we blew all over everywhere lol. Why are bubbles so cool???? :D And they also had a professional photographer photo booth, with awesome props to play with! I took a picture with Lon and one more by myself lol, because I was having too much fun. I'm such a dork when I drink. :P I will do my best to get one of those on here as well, because they were soooooooooooooo cool!

Lon wouldn't dance with me and we were starting to miss Alan, so we wished the couple well and headed home. I do have to say that I had a wonderful time on my wedding date with my husband! It was my first date with him as hubby and wife, and our first date in over nine months! I enjoyed the whole day a lot but the ending of it was especially wonderful for us! Congratulations to you Chelsey, Dan and Colton! We love you!

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