Thursday, June 9, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursdays!! June 9, 2011

Today will be a good day for us, I only work once today at three. I'm am glad because I have been missing out on spending time at home with Alan, just hanging out and playing. I will be able to spend most of today with my boys, just chilling. :) Unfortunately, it is a rainy day outside, so we will probably not be taking any trips out to the front yard today. But we will make the best of it! :)

I'm also very excited for tonight for two reasons! First reason is Aunt April's dance recital after I am off of work! She is preforming eleven beautiful dances and I get to also watch some of my former dance classmates and students preform. My last classmate still with the studio graduates tonight too, that'll be emotional. :) My second reason is because Alan will stay with his daddy tonight! :D I will be able to enjoy Aunt April's dances, without having to worry about him being bored. This will be my first night out without him since Lon's 23rd birthday (over 8 months ago!) so I'm pretty excited.

However, I know that after the recital I will be wishing I had him. All my former classmates and students just adore Alan, plus one of my former bosses from there has a little girl who was born the DAY before Alan. She will probably have brought her, and Alan really misses her. He doesn't hardly get to see her anymore. *Sigh* But I will just have to suck it up and show lots of pictures lol. Hopefully that will satisfy them. :P

Here's Toddler Talk Thursdays!

Sippy Cup Mom

This week's topic:
What is your toddlers current catch phrase? You know, the one they say over and over again
Hmmm, this is a hard one. Alan isn't really the type to have a "catch phrase" per say, because he always is just jabbering and saying things. But never anything "catch phrase-y" I guess.

If I had to pick something he said and did that would qualify for a "catch phrase" it would definitely be this:

"Oh no!"

He says that to just about anything that goes wrong, from something falling to someone getting hurt to something happening on the tv to even someone making a mistake. He says it all dramatically and covers his mouth when he does it too. Its really cute and funny. :)

The other day we were watching Up, and it was at the sad explanation part that always makes me cry (you know the part where they explain why the old man is the way he is, and the story of his wife). So I'm sitting there, trying to keep the tears in and sitting right next to me, Alan stands up and says, "Oh no mama, oh no!" and covers his mouth, with his other little hand on my shoulder. :) It broke me down and I started crying happy tears. My silly sweet boy!

Idea for next week's topic:
What are your plan's for your toddler's preschool education?


  1. That is so sweet! I love moments like that! Something that will stay with you forever! Hope you had fun and took lots of pictures at the dance recital! Thanks for linking up!

  2. OMG the story of him saying that during Up makes my heart smile...too cute!

  3. I know, he is just a sweetheart! :) I love him so!