Monday, June 27, 2011

Korbin's Last Day of Daycare

Today was a sad day for Alan and I. Alan's BFF Korbin and his family are moving to Seattle on Wednesday, and today was Korbin, Keanu and Erica's last day at daycare. :\ We threw them a potluck party and I tried to make them chili but we didn't have any meat. And the bean chili tasted nasty lol. So I brought pop. :)

Alan and I had a talk about Korbin moving this morning, and I think he understands. He tried to be really nice to him all day today (sometimes they rough house and fight like brothers) and even gave him hugs and kisses. They played cars and dinosaurs together. And they shared their snack (even though it was the same thing lol). They even played ball and tag with the big kids.

Unfortunately, Alan fell asleep in the high chair and Korbin left before he woke up. :( But I talked to Erica and maybe we will meet up just before they leave town to say goodbye for real.

I am so sad though! Alan's last really good friend moved to Arizona when Alan was nine months old and then when we found Korbin we thought they would grow up together! :( Korbin and Alan have been BFFs for half of Alan's life! I will really miss Erica, Korbin and Keanu alot. I hope they have a safe trip over to Seattle and have a wonderful life there. I know we will be doing our best to go visit them as much as we can! We love you guys so much! <3

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