Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Day at Great Grandpa's Ranch

Today instead of going to a park like we planned, we went out to Great Grandpa Andersen's ranch. His ranch is about a two hour drive from Billings, out by Forsyth. We went out there with Grandpa Steve, Aunt Ariel, Uncle Tyler and Uncle Chase. Great Grandpa Floyd and Great Grandma Joyce were out there camping in their motorhome.

Alan fell asleep on the ride out there so when we first arrived at the ranch, Great Grandma Joyce offered to watch him so that Lon and I could sneak out on a walk. We walked out into the foothills and surprisingly, got lost. :P Lon swears he knew where we were but after about an hour of walking around in the hills, we were found by Grandpa Steve in his truck. Then Steve took us to go see Turtle Hill.

Turtle Hill is this cool rock structure on top of a hill that looks like a turtle peeking its head out of its shell. It was the coolest looking thing ever, there were even indents for eyes! We climbed to the top of it and the set up a gun shooting range across the field. Uncle Chase and Uncle Tyler practiced shooting handguns and rifles. And Lon even shot a gun for the first time ever! He really liked it actually... Dad???? Take us hunting! :P

Once we got back to camp, Alan was awake sitting with Great Grandma Joyce by the fire. We decided to take him with us agate hunting. He wasn't too into looking for rocks but I found two agates and a couple awesome dark purple stones! Lon found a couple agates as well and Uncle Tyler found Alan a cool "dalmation" rock. He loved it, but tried to eat it. :) Then Lon, Aunt Ariel and I took Alan to go look at the cows and Great Grandpa Floyd's big green tractor. Alan even got to sit in it with Aunt Ariel! He felt like a total farmer lol.

We spent the rest of our time outside by the fire, talking with Great Grandma and Grandpa. They hail from Utah and have only seen Alan a handful of times, so they were all about their Great Grandson this trip. And Alan loved all the attention. :) He wouldn't give Great Grandpa Floyd a high five though, for some silly reason. But he gave Great Grandma Joyce a bunch of hugs and kisses.

For dinner, we drove to Forsyth for burgers and shakes. Alan had to have his own milkshake and he wouldn't take it in his sippy cup. He HAD to have it like everyone else, from the straw. What a big boy he's grown into! :D On my way home, I even was able to have a nice conversation with my brother about his first Father's Day (his son turns one on the first). What a great way to end my day!

I think we all had a great time outdoors today! I hope Lon, Steve and Floyd all had a wonderful Father's Day with us today. Happy Father's Day to everyone!!

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