Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stress comes in full

I haven't been posting like I should normally. I feel like I'm not posting enough. Even though I've only been missing around one post a week, I still feel like I am not adequately covering Alan's life. Lol, this is what happens when you're stressed and over thinking things. I'm worrying about a BLOG??? Really?

I still apologize for not posting at all yesterday. Monday night and all of Tuesday were very hectic and stressful for me, in more ways than one.

Monday night was really scary for us, Billings and Yellowstone County in general. There was a tornado, severe thunderstorm and flash flood warning placed on Yellowstone County. I got home from work and we had dinner. After dinner we were putting Alan in the tub, when I got a message from an old co-worker that in FIFTEEN MINUTES there would be a tornado on the rims. We live in a second-story apartment of an old building, where the basement is its own apartment. Thus, it was locked and we could not use it as shelter.

So we ripped Alan out of the tub, threw on some clothes, grabbed anything important we might need and got the hell out of there to my parent's. I remember screaming at Lon to open the car door, as I looked at the huge ominous cloud that was now forming over the rims. I don't remember much else.

We got to my parent's and ran inside, straight downstairs. My whole family was there, and Mary too. We all sat there, huddled together on the floor, and watched the news for an hour or two.

The tornado that was supposed to form on the rims, instead formed 11 miles outside of the heights. We were missed by ELEVEN MILES! ELEVEN! Wow I cannot even begin to tell you how blessed Billings felt that night. No tornadoes touched in Billings. None!

Tuesday was a bad day for me as well. We are still struggling with finances, and they were made all the more apparent with my small paycheck I received yesterday morning. I am struggling to make enough right now to even keep our heads out of the water. Lon is still looking for a job, and is still working on those folf baskets, so there's not much we can do at this point. Just stay strong and hope the stormy weather clears soon.

On top of that though, Alan has been having biting problems at daycare and yesterday it got worse. Just this last week at daycare (the one before this) Alan started biting kids. It started out only being his best friend Korbin that he would bite. But yesterday, he bit a little girl and drew blood. She took a toy away from him and so he bit her. It is his fault, but they was unsupervised so he is not entirely in the wrong.

I was not on that side at the time, we had a TON of babies and I'm the baby gal, and the girl who was on that side is not the best supervisor. I kick myself for letting him go over there.

But now, a handful of workers are making a big deal about it. They're saying he's overly aggressive and mean. They're claiming he should be put on a care plan and things should be done. Um, I understand that this is protocol but this is a different situation. There are so many factors in this, that he shouldn't be treated like the average biting child.

First, he is still a toddler. This sounds so petty, but people have actually forgotten that he is only one year and nine months old just because of his size.  He may be the size of a two and a half year old but that does not mean he needs to have the mental capacity of one or act like one. HE IS STILL A BABY!! The little girl took his toy and so he instinctively reacted.

Second, the night before he bit that girl was very, very, VERY dramatic for him. Uhhh, remember the tornado?? He wasn't himself at all that day.

And I'll finish with third, even though there are a few other factors (but those are just common sense), he was unsupervised! If I remember correctly, the worker even asked, "What happened?" when the little girl started crying. This makes me so mad, but what's done is done. She took the toy from him and he bit her. It can't be taken back, we can only move forward.

I spoke with the director (my boss) and the CEO today and because of my input on this specific situation, his care plan is very simple. He will only be able to be on the big kid's side if I am over there and its not busy, otherwise he will stay on the baby side until he's two. If it gets busy on the baby side, then he will go in a highchair for snack or to color. But that's all.

I am just exhausted and ready for it to be the weekend lol. But I still have two more days! Oh well, we'll survive... I guess. :)

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