Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This Mama currently...

Found this on Words by Katie's blog and I thought I'd play along this morning. Today is another hot and busy day, I have my Preschool art class today (and art show!) and then I work 2 to 8 in Child Watch. Blaaaah! Last night after Alan went to bed, Lon and I went out on our roof and sat out in the night for a while. :) It was nice, just still really stinking hot! But then it got darker and it cooled down, and it was just perfect! We might do it again tonight, I only hope its not hot tonight like it was last night!

This Mama Currently is...

Listening... to Alan's squeals of joy as he runs and plays throughout my house. Oh and the two rivaling tvs lol. :)

Eating... nothing. Still contemplating what I'm gonna make. Maybe just eggs and toast? We're all out of bacon.


Drinking... Dr. Pepper. Still trying to keep up with Alan's energy level lol, and I don't drink coffee.

Wearing... my Rockin Rudy's t-shirt, bra and undies. Its too hot outside right now f
or pants. :P I'll put some on later.

Feeling... pretty good right now. Woke up like an hour ago, and got a lot of rest last night. :) Can't say the same about Alan and Lon though, they are apparently starving for breakfast! Gotta get the motivation to cook some darn breakfast for these wild boys!

Weather... is a nice 78 degrees right now, but the forecast says it could get as hot as 94 degrees today! Yowza! :D


Wanting... Saturday morning to get her fast! I wanna get on the road! And go to Canyon Ferry Lake pronto!

Needing... groceries, more money, Saturday to come faster lmao??? I am starting to think that I actually *need* this vacation, for my mental state lol.

Thinking... about a million and two things right now. As usual lol.

Enjoying... spending time with my boys, like always. :) Every moment with them is amazing and beautiful. I am so blessed. <3

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